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Sunday, October 5, 2014

Life Chain 2014 -- Abortion Kills Children!

Larry and I just came back from participating in our local Life Chain. We said three rosaries and the Chaplet of Divine Mercy during the 90 minutes. Our little town is pretty sensible -- most people still believe in motherhood and apple pie. We got mostly thumbs ups, waves and smiles, and friendly honks. I only noticed three negatives:

  • one young woman yelling, "I'm pro-choice." (Not for the babies, of course.)
  • one young guy, a teenager I think, with a friend who shouted, "My girlfriend had two abortions this week!" (smart aleck!)
  • and one middle aged guy with a beard who shouted, "You're fascists; I hope you go to hell!" (I prayed a decade of the rosary for him and wondered if he paid to get a girlfriend an abortion.)
I'm never sorry to get negative reactions. It may indicate a conscience that isn't quite dead. If somebody can just shrug and move on without being affected at all...well...that response may mean someone's in the devil's pocket already. 

So please pray for everyone exposed to Life Chains across the country today. No doubt babies will be saved. Some woman will be asking God for a sign and down the street she will drive and be greeted by dozens of signs including one I was holding -- Pregnant, need help? Call 800-395-HELP! Another woman (or her partner in the murder) may need healing and see Jesus Forgives and Heals. Everybody will be exposed to the truth that Abortion Kills Children. After all, no woman ever gave birth to a turnip. 

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