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Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Hijacking the Synod

The press saw the Relatio before the bishops did.

Huh? This reminds me of the release of the horrible USCCB 1997 document on homosexuality Always Our Children. It was written by a committee that included notorious champion for all things gay, Fr. James Schexnayder, credited as the primary author.

The document was so theologically flawed that the Vatican ordered it amended in  1998. It was published with virtually NO input from the bishops who were given no opportunity to review the document before its release. (They changed their procedures on releasing documents in their name as a result.) And yet it was promoted in the media as the bishops' work. It wasn't! as Bishop Fabian Bruskewitz made clear in his denunciation, saying "'Calamity and frightening disaster' are terms which are not too excessive to describe this document. It is my view that this document carries no weight or authority for Catholics, whom I would advise to ignore or oppose it." 

What's happening at the Synod is giving me deja vu. Just as Schexnayder and co. hijacked the USCCB's process for releasing documents to promote the gay agenda, the Synod seems to be following the same players' manual. And, as Cardinal Burke has said, the pope needs to clear things up. If he doesn't....well...if the shepherd lets the wolves into the sheepfold what reasonable conclusion can one draw about the shepherd?

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Anonymous said...

We are witnessing the gates of heaven being stormed by homosexual bishops. In the 60s there was a mass exodus of priests leaving the Church when they lost their faith. Now they just twist truth to fit their shameless identity. I'm fed up. Come on out guys. Get out of the clerical closet. Announce who you are. And fight out in the open like real men. And keep your filthy sights off of our children. Go to hell without them.