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Thursday, July 30, 2015

Can We Get Rid of John Boehner? Please!

I got this email from Ken Cuccinelli today. Wouldn't be wonderful to get rid of that political crybaby wimp John Boehner. I'm embarrassed that the man calls himself a Catholic. His politics have always seemed to be his first priority. If he had to choose between a seat in Congress and a seat in heaven, I'm not sure he'd put Almighty God above the Almighty Republican Congressional caucus. I just called my representative in Congress, Bob Goodlatte. I hope you'll call yours!
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My Fellow Virginians,

An amazing thing happened yesterday, although it hasn’t gotten much attention… yet!

Yesterday, North Carolina Congressman Mark Meadows courageously submitted a “Motion to Vacate the Chair.”  The “Chair” in this case is Speaker Boehner.  If successful, Congressman Meadows’ motion would remove Congressman Boehner as Speaker of the House, and allow for a vote on a new Speaker.

Maybe America can actually get a principled leader at the helm of the House?!  What a change that would be!  And what a step forward for America!

What Exactly Is It?

The Motion to Vacate the Chair is a privileged motion.  This means that – if Cong. Meadows forces it forward – it cannot be blocked by the Speaker or his leadership team using procedural tactics or the Rules Committee.  They will have to have a vote of the entire House of Representatives.
 Some will note that the Motion has already been sent to the Rules Committee, and that’s true.  However, Cong. Meadows can move to discharge the Motion from the Committee or, if the Committee votes it down quickly, he can simply submit another Motion to Vacate the Chair and call for a vote that must happen within two legislative days (two days during which the House is in session).

A “Motion to Table” would be filed by a Boehner ally once the Motion is on the floor.  The phrase to “table” a motion comes from the days when everything was done on paper and so, if successful, a “Motion to Table” literally meant that the motion in question would be left on the table - i.e., not taken up.

Of course, the vote on the Motion to Table becomes the de facto vote on the underlying motion, because logic dictates that all those voting against the Motion to Table will also vote for the Motion to Vacate the Chair.

Again – wow!

Boehner as Minority Leader

Do you remember all of the complaints then-Minority Leader Boehner leveled at then-Speaker Pelosi?

As Minority Leader, Boehner complained of the lack of opportunities to amend bills.  Guess what?  As Speaker, Boehner has been blocking opportunities to have amendments proposed, debated, and voted on – including Republicans’ amendments!

Remember the first big bill after the last election, the CROmnibus bill in December?  Boehner blocked an amendment to defund President Obama’s Executive Amnesty!

Boehner complained that Pelosi didn’t allow enough time to read bills, but as Speaker he has … you guessed it … not kept his promise to provide time to read all of the bills!

Boehner’s allied Super-PAC has spent money attacking conservatives – not Democrats – for having the temerity to try and keep Republican promises.  Promises like defunding executive amnesty and ending the Ex-Im Bank.  Remember this when you hear about intra-party fights in the GOP – it’s the big-government moderates, seeking power rather than solutions, who have been starting those fights.

America has been pining for real, conservative Republican leadership.  Leadership that matches Republicans’ campaign rhetoric to what they actually do in Washington – what a concept, doing what you said you were going to do!?!  Imagine that!

Action Items

You can help make this a reality.

You need to challenge your Congressman or Congresswoman to commit to vote right - to remove Boehner as Speaker and install Congressman Meadows or another candidate.  You should do this even if the elected official is a Democrat.  Why, you ask?  Because, by getting rid of Congressman Boehner, both parties will become more relevant to the governing process.

What do I mean by that?  Well, right now, Democrats (and conservative Republicans) generally aren’t included in much of anything that deals with governance in the House of Representatives.  Because it’s a majoritarian body (i.e., majority rules), if enough of the majority party sticks with their leadership, they simply set up rules to disallow Democrat and Conservative amendments to bills.

Of course, that means there’s far less substantive discussion about what’s best for America. But the current Leadership doesn’t seem too troubled by that…

So, Democrats and Conservatives will benefit from this change by obtaining increased access to the legislative process, as any successful candidate to succeed Boehner will have to promise a more open amendment process.  It doesn’t mean their amendments will pass, but it does mean that they will at least get a chance to make their case.

America will benefit from a more open governing process that doesn’t exist simply to hold power for the benefit of well-connected special interests.

What Else Can You Do?

You should also call the offices of every Republican Congressman and Congresswoman you know in Virginia (or your home state if you’re outside of Virginia).  Let them know what you think.  Ask them for their answer.  What are they going to do if this comes up for a vote?

So, Where Do I Call?

Here are the office numbers for all 11 members of the Virginia House Delegation, by District.

District 1 – Rob Wittman: 202-225-4261
District 2 – Scott Rigell: 202-225-4215
District 3 – Bobby Scott: 202-225-8351
District 4 – Randy Forbes: 202-225-6365
District 5 – Robert Hurt: 202-225-4711
District 6 – Bob Goodlatte: 202-225-5431
District 7 – Dave Brat: 202-225-2815
District 8 – Don Beyer: 202-225-4376
District 9 – Morgan Griffith: 202-225-3861
District 10 – Barbara Comstock: 202-225-5136
District 11 – Gerry Connolly: 202-225-1492

Please call your Congressional Representative and, as one of the best things you can do right now, I’d ask you to also call the rest of them too.

This opportunity came as a surprise, so be polite but firm. Let them know what you want them to do and why.  On January 3rd of this year, when Boehner was elected Speaker, all three Democrats voted against him, and so did Republicans Dave Brat and Scott Rigell.  Ask all five of them to do it again, and encourage the other six to join them.

Finally, they will all have town hall meetings during August.  If you can attend, you should press this issue live and in person.  When you call their offices, ask when and where their upcoming town hall meetings will be… and go!  Speak!  Participate!

If you don’t think America has good leadership right now (duh), then do something about it!

This would be a historic turnaround of failed leadership, but it’s not likely to happen without a LOT of Americans like you and me weighing in!  So please, join the fight!
For liberty,

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