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Friday, July 17, 2015

Full Footage of Planned Parenthood Baby Body Part Video with Dr. Vivisection

If you think the short video released was edited unfairly to make Planned Parenthood look bad, think again. Here's the full footage of the interview with Deborah Nucatola, a modern Dr. Mengele, cavalierly discussing  Planned Parenthood's atrocities over salmon, salad, and wine. Now why does this remind me of the National Socialist Party with their prison symphonies in the concentration camps?


  1. That is one mixed up gal. Macabre.

  2. With the word out, PP is sure doing damage control with help from the media. I wonder if the woman in the video will be shown the door, be shuffled somewhere else in PP, or get a reprimand behind closed doors.

  3. It is entirely true that she casually scarfed down a salad while describing how she'd change where she put her forceps to crush live babies in order to get their organs out undamaged. And that is plenty of evil. Sufficient evil.

    There was no call for claiming that she used Partial Birth Abortion and that they sell the body parts. THAT is bearing false witness. And there was no excuse for that.

  4. Christina, your breathless histrionics about Mary Ann "bearing false witness" are simply naive (charitably stating it).

    PP doesn't do the killing for nothing, and the killing doesn't bother them...anything to make an extra buck and all....

  5. Actually, Christina, the doc did talk about maneuvering the child (breech birth) to provide a more favorable position to keep the desired organs more intact. And they do charge for the "specimens." No matter how you edit the piece, she said it. She may assuage her own guilt by waxing eloquent about "research." Margaret Sanger did the same thing claiming her great concern about the poor while she called them "human weeds."

    Not only that, but selling baby body parts is nothing new for Planned Parenthood. Life Dynamics exposed the practice in the late 1990s. The report is available at

    20/20 did a program (distorted) on the practice and interviewed then Planned Parenthood president Gloria Feldt. Here's what Mark Crutcher wrote about the program in the expose linkedabove:

    "Another indefensible part of the 20/20 report was the kid-glove treatment accorded Planned Parenthood president, Gloria Feldt, when she was interviewed on the broadcast. Having recognized the potential public relations nightmare this issue presents, Feldt piously feigned outrage about the baby parts trade and even included an obligatory call for anyone who violates the laws that govern such things to be prosecuted. The problem is, the baby parts trafficking documentation we provided to 20/20 came from a Planned Parenthood abortion clinic. However, that fact was never even brought up during the Feldt interview."

    Cecile Richards' response to this latest expose is exactly the same. Minimize the damage by playing the public for fools. I reiterate my statement that Planned Parenthood is a money sucking leech that cares so little about women that they let doctors prescribe drugs without ever seeing them and resist even common sense health provisions for the safety of the mothers who enter their abortuaries. Abortion has always been about the money. This chilling article says it all.