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Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Too Little, Too Late by Fr. Tom Collins

Cardinal Dolan gives invocation at Democrats' convention.
Sadly, for Obama and the Democratic Party, Planned Parenthood's policy of "harvesting" and selling the tissues and organs of aborted babies is a virtuous act of heroism by women, who have generously donated parts of their bodies, so that they can be sold by abortionists for medical research. After all, as Dr. Josef Mengele, the "Angel of Death" at Auschwitz, pointed out, they were going to be killed anyway. So why not make some extra money from their deaths?

And Catholic "pro-choice" politicians correctly point out that many bishops continue to acquiesce to their contention that the Eucharistic Christ wants to regularly ratify with His Own Body and Blood the morality of their abortion agenda. If the silence of our bishops continues to concede to this "pro-choice" contention that Christ considers the barbaric butchering of babies in utero as a legitimate dimension of "social justice", is it any wonder that the courts do not take seriously the Church's conscientious objections to the HHS contraception-abortion mandate? Indeed, the Church's liturgical practice for decades has shown that this is not really a serious moral issue. How can the Church legitimately object to a practice, which she herself routinely ratifies through one of the most sacred actions of her liturgy?
And did not the President of the USCCB give the Democratic Party Convention his benediction as that party was demanding not only more contraception and abortion, but also the legal redefinition of marriage to include sodomite relationships? How is it that a Cardinal of the Catholic Church would freely bless a group pro-actively promoting actions in clear violation of his Church's basic moral convictions?
Sadly, solid evidence has been accumulating over the years to indicate that the bureaucracy at the USCCB has incrementally become merely a sycophantic branch of the Democratic Party. I cannot help but wonder how much more perversion will be required before the Vatican and the USCCB finally recognize that the agenda of the Democratic Party has declined beyond degeneracy into the promotion of intrinsic evil. Its whole agenda is based upon policies that aim to abort our posterity, our morality, our economy, our military and our polity. And all this is done to promote political cronyism, perversion and promiscuity as linchpins of "social justice" and the New World Order.
I pray that God may show more mercy on us than we have shown to our posterity! And may we finally come to take seriously the dire warnings given to us by Our Blessed Mother nearly a century ago at Fatima!