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Saturday, July 11, 2015

Imposed Death: It's Coming for You and Your Family

I attended an End of Life Issues meeting today. One of the speakers was Dr. Paul Byrne who is an expert on the issue of "Brain Death" and organ donation. Visit his website here. Brain death is an artificial construct invented first of all to allow doctors to justify turning off the ventilator on comatose patients. Secondarily, it became the justification to allow doctors to take organs from still-living patients. (Organs like the heart, lungs, pancreas, spleen, liver, etc. are only good if the heart is still pumping and circulating blood throughout the body.)

According to Dr. Byrne, no system in the body is the "control system." The brain does not control all the other systems of the body any more than they are controlled by the heart or the liver. All the systems interact together and are interdependent. Brain death is one more verbal manipulation to allow vulnerable patients to be killed.

Keep this in mind:
Stay tuned for more. In 1973 after Roe v. Wade, pro-lifers predicted euthanasia of vulnerable patients at the end of life. We're there and on the cusp of a massive increase. Pay attention because this will affect you and your family.


  1. Okay I can't believe I'm doing this, but I have to ask: under what circumstances, then, is organ donation acceptable? When the patient has no heartbeat? And if all organs in the body are independent, then why would a liver injury result in your heart no longer beating?

  2. I'm no doctor but I presume the answer to your question is that if any major organ fails, one that is necessary for life, it can kill you. The heart doesn't clean the body of impurities, but if that stops happening and you have a buildup of impurities in the blood, eventually that can cause your heart to stop.

    Catholic doctrine requires true death before organs can be taken. How do you define death? A body that has no respiration, no circulation, and is therefore a cold cadaver. Unfortunately, major organs die very quickly after TRUE death. So "brain death" was devised. Dr. Byrne showed a video of a young man who was being prepped for organ donation, Zack Dunlap, who "woke up" just prior to being killed. He is alive and well today and Dr. Byrne showed a picture of him fishing. He personally has been involved in many similar cases. He showed a short video of doctors opening the chest cavity (with a mini circular saw) to take the heart of a patient. As the opened the sack holding the heart you could see it strongly beating. Obviously that patient was alive and after they took his heart he was dead.

    You cannot morally take a major unpaired organ from a patient without killing him. This is the other end of the murder of the innocent. Would that patient "die anyway?" Of course. We will all "die anyway." But that doesn't justify killing him even if his prospects for continued life are dim. Some things are worse than death. Not only for the patient but for those who may lose their souls for participating in the deliberate killing of innocent people. And that is where the entire health industry is going.

  3. I've been told by a nurse who used to be involved that the organ donar is not given pain killers as he's supposed to be dead and that they have to give them stuff to stop squirming on the table.....

  4. I think they often use drugs that basically paralyze the "donor." Talk about a gruesome death, and it brings to my mind Dr. Mengele's experiments at Auschwitz. The philosophy was the same: the end justifies the means. Mengele immersed men in freezing water gathering information to use to "save lives" of German pilots who ditched in frigid seas.

    Although Mengele did really sick things with children, especially twins. What a monster! And yet I would say he's the patron saint of some of today's doctors who are every bit as fascinated with playing God.