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Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Planned Parenthood is SHOCKED, JUST SHOCKED about the Sale of Baby Body Parts!

Oh please, these folks have been selling babies for decades. And talk about a ghoul discussing selling human baby livers as she pops a bite of food in her mouth. Babies are sold to cosmetic companies, to research organizations, hey wherever they can find a buyer. First they charge the mom to kill her baby and then they sell the baby for further profit. Disgusting! Here's what Federal Law said in 1994:

As the field of research into human embryos began to gain wider attention, calls began for using federal funds to support the research. A special committee of the NIH issued a report in 1994 declaring that a variety of research projects involving the intentional creation of human embryos are ethically acceptable. Some of the research considered included cloning and asexual reproduction of human beings through genetic manipulation. After widespread public reaction against the findings, President Clinton issued a directive that NIH not allocate any resources to projects which would create new embryos for research purposes. President Clinton accepted the other findings of the committee, however, and instructed the NIH to consider funding research using live human embryos "leftover" from IVF treatments. (Source)
In 1996 the Dickey Amendment forbade federal funding of the destruction of live embryos, but allowed funding of projects using the embryos as long as somebody else payed to kill them. After his election, George W. Bush forbade funding for research using new stem lines, but allowed research on pre-existing stem lines. Obama lifted those restrictions. During all this, privately funded research remained legal.

Babies have been used not only in cosmetics for decades, but also in vaccines. In one study, the researcher found a higher incidence of autism in children who received chicken pox vaccine grown in fetal tissue.(Source) One company, Crucell, has been using fetal stem lines in flu vaccines since the 1990s. Many vaccines are morally unacceptable because they were developed using fetal stem lines. Be sure to check out the website for Children of God for Life, especially their PDF on the vaccines derived from babies killed in abortion. Taking orders for specific baby body parts harvested from late-term children is particularly gruesome, but the moral principle is the same regardless of the baby's age. God creates us at conception and instills a soul in the body formed when the egg unites with the sperm. To kill that little one is to kill the newborn, the toddler, the adolescent, the teen and the adult. Let us preserve and protect life from the moment of conception until natural death -- no exceptions, no compromise!

For more on the history of the use of human babies' stem lines read Development of Vaccines from Aborted Babies by Jessica Farnsworth, MD.


  1. The harvesting company mentioned in the video is StemExpress, founder & CEO is Cate Spears Byer (find her on FB; quite the lib of course). Today, at least, the multi-million dollar company's website and FB page are "not available." Her sister is John Boehner's health advisor/staffer and works on various Veterans' issues: Charlotte Spears Ivancic. Birds of a feather. All so corrupt. Our country is a goner.

  2. I don't have any more outrage to give. This is beyond outrage but completely understandable in the country and society that we've become. Our tax dollars go to PP. Our Sunday contributions go to CCHD. My bishop lauds Catholic Charities. What can I do to even roll a tiny bit of this back?

    We're "outraged" but so what? The ruling class knows this will go away. I've given up on America (or what ever I thought it was...)

    I find myself praying "Lord Jesus Come Now, Please" in complete and utter seriousness as I finding it difficult to find peace.

  3. Thanks for that information, Anonymous. Now doesn't that just explain why John Boehner is so bad? It hardly seems to matter which party is in power, they are both just plain corrupt.

    Newguy, never lose hope. Our situation is very much like first century Rome. The persecution is certainly on hand, but think of the joy they had nevertheless. Let's keep our eyes on Christ (we may have to look around Judas to see Him) and never, never, never lost hope! I'm offering my rosary for you today!

  4. Mary Ann: The Headline gave me the impression that PP had that response (shocked) but I'm not finding any link to that statement of theirs. As far as I've heard so far as of this morning, they're not even conceding that they're doing anything wrong. Where did you read that they're "shocked"?

  5. I was being facetious. Planned Parenthood generally feigns surprise and distances itself when their scandals are exposed. For example, the scandal over their covering up the seduction of minors by adult men. They are mandatory reporters but PP counselors were on tape telling girls they believed to be minors to lie about their seducers' ages. PP execs pretended to be shocked at what was happening and tried to pass it off as rogue activities when it is actually part of the money-making scheme. They are sex traffickers who care nothing about either the babies they murder (and whose body parts they sell) and the women they technologically rape.

  6. @Mary Ann: Oh shoot, I was hoping that they actually had the nerve to say they're shocked. The ever-evolving spin from them have been interesting and incredulous, to say the least, but saying they're shocked hasn't been uttered. After their spins, there's no way they can distance themselves now from it.