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Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Persecution Watch: No Tolerance for Little Sisters of the Poor

Court Rules Against Little Sisters of the Poor

If this ruling stands the Little Sisters of the Poor will no longer be able to care for the elderly poor and handicapped. Excuse my cynicism, but that's exactly what the Obamanistas want. When only secularists are in charge of health care for the vulnerable, they will be much easier to kill. "Palliative care" specialists can convince families that starving and dehydrating their loved ones to death is a euphoric way to go. (Oh, and by the way, it's sooooo much cheaper than keeping them alive another year or two.) Yeah, starvation is enjoyable, a real pleasure, -- right! That's why we see pictures like this being used to raise money for the starving poor in the Third World. I'd like to see all these judges eating a cup of beans and rice every day for a week and see how they like it.

Tell these children what a euphoric experience starvation is.

And ask the families of Hugh Finn and Terry Schiavo what a great death their loved ones experienced. I talked to Hugh Finn's mom outside the nursing home in Manassas, VA where he was being starved and dehydrated to death by his "loving" wife, Michel. She was distraught and kept repeating, "Don't ever let them tell you this is an easy way to die."

And will the gruesomeness of these deaths cause repentance over murdering the helpless? Don't bet on it! I expect the next iteration of the death peddlers to be insisting that a nice, easy, lethal injection is a preferable way to go: too "cruel and unusual" for serial killers, but euphoric and wonderful for the elderly and handicapped.

Pray for the Little Sisters of the Poor and even more for the vulnerable people who will face the grim reaper if the sisters are forced to stop caring for them. Mother Teresa, saint of the vulnerable poor, pray for them and for us!

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