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Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Wow! Two Thumbs Up for Brit Hume!

I'd like to know this man better. His son committed suicide in 1998 and after that life-changing event he turned his life over to Christ. He spoke to The Blaze about it in 2012:
Hume told Brody that, throughout his adult life, he gave very little thought to God and his faith. But the untimely death of his son caused that to change radically. Looking back on the painful period in his life, the Fox News analyst said that he quickly realized that many of the events that happened could only be explained as being God-ordained.
“When my son died in 1998, you know, when something shattering like that happens, I think it’s likely to be moment or can well be a moment where you find out what you really believe, and as horrible as that was, and it was bad, and it was heartbreaking and it was unexpected and it was very painful, I had the feeling through it all, that God was there,” he told Brody. “That He would rescue me from grief and pain, and that, I would get through it, and I knew I believed, and I knew it with enormous force.”
Pray for Brit Hume and for his son, Sandy. At Fatima Mary said many sinners go to hell because they have no one to pray for them. Let us lift up Sandy and pray he repented in the seconds between firing the gun and dying. Mary, refuge of sinners, pray for him.

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