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Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Head of Murder Inc., Cecile Richards, Says Center for Medical Progress is Behind Abortion Mill Bombings!

Planned Parenthood almost got these twins.  It would have
been double the money for hearts, livers, arms, legs....
Wow! Planned Parenthood is really losing it. Trying to take the spotlight off their own egregious trafficking in baby body parts, Cecile Richards is making slanderous statements about the undercover reporters exposing Planned Parenthood's illegal and horrifying actions.

In an interview with George Stephanopoulis, Cecile Richards had the gall to claim they make no money from selling baby body parts. She's a liar and her statement that the undercover reporters are responsible for murdering doctors and bombing abortion mills is defamatory and slanderous.

Richards also claims that women depend on Planned Parenthood for their health care. What health care? Their primary business is abortion -- killing babies for money.

In the interview, she repeats a lie she's made before -- that Planned Parenthood provides breast cancer screenings. They don't. They don't do a single mammogram. That lie was publicly exposed years ago, but she repeats it in the ABC video at least twice, possibly more.

Richards has been shown in the past to be a liar and she is a liar today. When she talks about Planned Parenthood being a "non-profit," consider that Richards herself makes $400,000 a year. So she is certainly profiting from her affiliation with the "non-profit" as are all the abortionists. In fact, plenty of people are profiting big time at this "non-profit" organization which receives $500 million a year in taxpayer dollars. And you can be sure they are, indeed, profiting from the sale of baby body parts as the video released yesterday shows. Anybody with half a brain who watches the videos released so far can see very clearly that Planned Parenthood is profiting. They may be trying to assuage their consciences by talking about "research," but it doesn't keep them from haggling for a good price for each "specimen."

Planned Parenthood is running scared and it's clear they have reason to as some of their corporate sponsors are fleeing. And there are more videos to come. If Planned Parenthood could stop them they would. The fact is, despite Richards' claim that the videos are "highly edited," they show exactly the kind of ghouls who work for Planned Parenthood which is more accurately described as Murder, Inc.


  1. Over at "National Catholic Register," blogger Matthew Archbold has a posting about the Justice Dept agreeing to a request by PP to launch an investigation against Center for Medical Progress. It's good to know there are major corporations are starting to back away from PP.

  2. I sincerely hope that the Center for Medical Progress has all the videos safe and reproduced numerous times in many different places/with many different people. Such things have a way to be "disappeared" with the modern Nazi Left.

    Because the videos ARE working, and that just can't be allowed.