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Monday, July 27, 2015

Would You Make a Quadriplegic a Marine? Keep Same-Sex Attracted Men Out of the Seminary!

Michael Voris recently got lambasted by many for calling out a seminary where the men were told to wear bathrobes to avoid being "an occasion of sin" for seminarians who might be "same-sex attracted." He rightly asked why these men are allowed to continue as seminarians. Will their attraction to other seminarians and, perhaps, adolescent boys in the parishes they serve disappear with ordinatin? Hardly! They simply do not belong in the seminary.

I admit that when I read the seminary priest's letter about the "offensive" Vortex I was temporarily hoodwinked by his overwhelming verbiage. But, after reflecting further, I realized Voris was right on! There is no place in the seminary for men who are attracted to other men. It is uncharitable to allow them to continue in an environment of constant temptation and it is unfair to the men with the normal urges of men who would make good husbands and fathers. They actually make a heroic sacrifice, giving up wives and families to dedicate themselves to their bride, Holy Mother Church. The same-sex attracted give up nothing and, instead, find a haven where they can receive all the respect and admiration they crave while they engage in retreats, vacations, and living situations that may very well be significant occasions of sin.

That is not to say that those who are same-sex attracted do not deserve our compassion and consideration. They certainly have struggles like all of us sinners. But they should NEVER be allowed in the seminaries and they should NEVER be ordained. We've seen the price paid by parishes and families when this common-sense rule is ignored. They are not fit for the priesthood any more than a quadriplegic is fit to be a Marine or a fireman. It doesn't mean he isn't a valuable person loved by God and deserving of respect. But he doesn't have what it takes to fulfill the mission!

Terry Nelson at Abbey Roads has a great post on this. Please read it!

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