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Friday, July 17, 2015

Harvesting Organs: Human Trafficking and Killing for Cash

Selling body parts is big business, It's just one more example of human trafficking. Now that Planned Parenthood's involvement in the gruesome business is exposed, their top ghouls are defending the practice claiming that patients "want to donate tissue to scientific research that can help lead to medical breakthroughs, treatments and cures for serious diseases." Ah's all at the request of the patients. 

Get real! Planned Parenthood has been a blood sucking, cash loving murder machine ever since its founding in 1921 as the American Birth Control League. Margaret Sanger was instructing women how to bring on their periods from the beginning. She's always portrayed as being opposed to abortion while she was urging selfie abortions back in 1914 in her brochure on family limitation. 

Harvesting baby body parts is part of a larger industry in buying and selling organs which can bring incredible profits to those selling, but illness and, even death, to the donors. Scott Carney in a recent article on organ donation at Wired wrote:
Desperate people are paid tiny sums for huge donations. Other times it is ghoulish: Pieces are stolen from the recently dead. And every so often, the resource grab is lethal—people are simply killed for their organs.
Actually, it isn't "every so often." Whenever you read a story about a person "donating" an unpaired major organ, the "donor" had to be killed. Major organs like the heart and liver are no good when "harvested" from a cadaver. The person has to be alive with a living, beating heart circulating blood throughout the body in order to keep the other major organs alive. No hearts, livers, pancreases, etc. are harvested from truly dead individuals. A person must be "kept alive" until his organs are harvested. The last one taken is the heart because that is what kills the "donor." You can't live without a heart.

Carney also has a book on the "lucrative and deeply secretive trade in human bodies and body parts—a vast hidden economy known as the 'red market.'" But that "red market" is operating in most (every perhaps) major hospital in the U.S. And they are killing patients to get their organs using the artificial category of "brain death" to justify the murder of the "donors." 

Read the case of Zack Dunlap, a young man with a "catastrophic" brain injury who was declared dead, but wasn't. He "woke up" as they were prepping him for donation. He recovered from his injuries and is alive today And he's not the only one. The transplant-hungry doctors call these cases "miracles" so they can pretend their "brain death" definition is real and not a scam for acquiring organs. But that's exactly what it is. Research REAL death vs. the artificial brain death scam. And never sign an organ donation card. It's a death warrant if you are ever in an accident.

As for the moral principle involved, an evil act (killing someone) may never be done for a good purpose (to save another's life). And while those who donate their loved one's organs believe they are doing good, they enable a profit-motivated industry that is willing to kill patients to harvest their body organs. These doctors are more like Jack Kevorkian than Albert Schweitzer. 

And speaking of Albert Schweitzer here's what he said about the principle undergirding his philosophy:
"Ethics is nothing other than Reverence for Life. Reverence for Life affords me my fundamental principle of morality, namely, that good consists in maintaining, assisting and enhancing life, and to destroy, to harm or to hinder life is evil."
Killing a patient to save another patient is morally evil -- period! Real doctors preserve and protect life from conception until natural death. They don't kill one patient to save another! Planned Parenthood murdering babies and harvesting their organs has plenty of company in the mainstream medical world of organ donation!


  1. The problem is that most prolife organizations are responding by demanding defunding of pp and not outlawing the sale of baby parts. Pp will make more hawking baby parts than the change they pick up from the feds and now that women know there's cash for parts they may be even more open to abortions.

  2. <>

    God forbid! I pray it will horrify women and make them realize exactly how human their babies are. After all, you don't sell organs harvested from a "blob of protoplasm" or a "clump of cells."

  3. StemExpress, the harvester from the vile (viral) video makes quite a profit.

  4. Mary Ann...that train has left the station a while ago. I have dear friends who currently work at AAA beside the wicked Amethyst abortuary, and they are appalled and distressed with the change they've seen in women's demeanors, particularly the countless ones who say "I know it's a kid, and I don't care...I want to be rid of it!"...they usually follow it up with an expletive and a threat....all for the offer of help to saving the baby. We are waaaaaay beyond the pagans....this is a particular and sadly, increasingly pervasive, type of evil.

  5. I agree...and it certainly explains all the monsters of history having plenty of support. Hitler, Stalin, Mao...and their minions. I'd bet many are demonically possessed. Which is why we have to imitate the children of Fatima who prayed and suffered continually for "poor sinners." Read Fr. Elijah by Michael O'Brien. The hard-hearted homosexual seems beyond redemption, but in the end he repents. There are many real-life examples of deathbed conversion. No one alive is beyond hope.

  6. Read it...loved it; especially the chapter on the cave of the Theotokos.

    I certainly agree that we all need to pray like never before and make reparations for those who won't, in the hopes that some might yet be fact, I had this very discussion with my husband about 2 hours ago, long before I read your reply. No coincidences...I think God is sending the same messages to His children with their hearts still open to hear His voice. But what I tried to express in my prior comment is that a supernatural sea-shift has taken place. A year and a half ago on the George Mason campus, I participated in a reach-out with CBR's Genocide Awareness Project, and the responses that prevailed were absolutely chilling...the vast majority of these 'kids' truly didn't care. The pictures were gruesome and gut wrenching, of clearly, undeniably, butchered pre-born human babies, and the vast majority of the reactions can be summed up in the words of one 25ish young man I spoke with who looked at the pictures, looked at me and said, "I don't give a f***!" and then screamed in my face "I DON'T GIVE A F***!" Their eyes aren't being opened by the Truth presented before their eyes any longer, (this is what I was speaking about with the ladies of AAA, and how shocked they are at the change they're seeing), and it is inhuman.

    I believe that we are most probably in end days (REAL end days), and that the time is very short...hell has been loosed and many...MANY are choosing to reign in hell rather than serve in Heaven. These are the days of the harvest, and the wheat and tares are reaching maturity. Pray...pray like never before; in reparation, intercession, for conversions (!) and yes, even thanksgiving, but don't be under the delusion that this latest (and grossest) PP revelation will shift the hearts of women in this hell-of-a-society en masse to see the horror in it. On the contrary, an unholy rage is welling up to justify and, soon, to participate in it for personal profit. Read these, and then tell me she isn't dead-on right....

  7. Susan's perspective re-affirms the sense that I get, and inspires me to spend more time on my knees, begging God's mercy. Thank you for this blog and the contributions you make.

  8. sorry....meant to put this up as the 2nd link...

    Look at at the prices they're getting for a small vial of 'fetal liver cells'...especially the "fresh" variant. This is beyond demonic, and you WILL see women lining up to have their babies chopped up for a paycheck.