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Sunday, July 26, 2015

An Uncertain Trumpet Sound

By Fr. Tom Collins

Obama's fundamental transformation of America is coming to fruition. Apparently "Hope and Change" can only be realized by ensuring that valuable parts of a living pre-born child are carefully harvested in the process of "terminating a pregnancy". After all, Obama's aides have pointed out that we should never allow a crisis go to waste - especially if it is a crisis pregnancy!

Note that the HHS has determined such "pre-natal care" is one of the key linchpins of "good medical practice"and "social justice". This must apparently be in harmony with Church teaching and discipline. After all, in 2012, did not the President of the USCCB, Cardinal Timothy Dolan, with apparently no opposition from the Vatican, give the closing benediction to the Democratic National Convention, which had just decisively reaffirmed that no pre-born child should have the right to live?
It thus seems that callously butchering living pre-born children and making a few extra dollars by harvesting their organs have become integral dimensions of the ever-evolving re-definition of "social justice" - even among large portions of the Roman Catholic community.

The time will soon come when the measure we measure out to the most helpless of Christ's brethren will be measured out to us, as God finally allows Mother Earth to exercise her "right to choose" in natural disasters beyond comprehension. And remember, Obama and the Democratic Party have decisively asserted that any who have the audacity to survive an abortion should not be given any life-sustaining support - so any relief given to those who survive a natural disaster would be a
violation of Mother Earth's "right to choose". 
May all of us come to sincere repentance and reform before it is too late!


  1. I guess recycling baby parts is what some people think of as "human ecology".

  2. Who is "Mother Earth"?