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Friday, August 21, 2015

Are Undercover Operations Illegitimate Acts of Lying or Morally Justifed?

Deliberately misleading the enemy is morally justified
according to St. Thomas Aquinas.
That question is front and center again following the release of the video sting of Planned Parenthood. It was a big question when Lila Rose did her expose showing the willingness of "counselors" at the abortion giant willing to cover up statutory rape and send young women they believed to be minors back into the hands of sex predators. 

Now we're in round 2 with the Center for Medical Progress. Were their tactics legitimate? When, in fact, is it morally justifiable to wear a disguise or to carry out a covert operation where people will be misled? Certainly those committing evil have no right to the truth. If the Nazi at the door asks if there are any Jews in the house, the homeowner is perfectly justified in saying, "No!" with the mental reservation "not for you!"

So did the Center for Medical Progress do anything wrong in setting up a dummy company and sending out its "employees" to drum up business for their tissue acquisition? I don't think so any more than it was wrong for the Vatican to provide dummy baptismal certificates for Jews. The Vatican made the false certificates to protect the innocent. CMP made a false company to expose PP's illegal and horrifying actions and hence protect the innocent. 

Here's a great article on the matter by Monica Migliorino Miller. Let's face it, we are at war with the Culture of Death and if, as St. Thomas Aquinas says, it is morally justifiable for an army to deliberately mislead the enemy with a false tactic, certainly in the war on the unborn, the same kind of "feint" is justified in protecting the tiny victims from the Satanic army of Planned Parenthood.

Were Planned Parenthood Videos Produced Unethically?


DJR said...

Read the Book of Judith.

She lied. She murdered.

She went down in history as one of the greatest women of ancient Israel.

Anonymous said...

DJR..........Excellent point!

One might apply that to the Ashley Madison website hack job too! Ironically the hackers also posted that the majority of men looking for extra marital affairs had no clue the website itself lied by staffing it with male responders instead of the married women they thought they were communicating with.
Two dozen Vatican employees were also exposed as using the service.

Anonymous said...

The finger wagging moral high ground justification that undercover work is a form of lying, is pure Church of Nice baloney. Here is the nice Church of Nice be nice rule: Catholics should be uncomfortable with not being nice even to the most despicable of evils. Being not nice is not nice and so violates the instrinsic good of niceness.

That is why we have the He-ate-with-sinners justification for Al Smith dinner, for rubbing elbows and lighting cigars with governors, mayors and every lying politician, for putting a happy face on homosexuality. Hey, Jesus ate with sinners. Church of Nice will probably say: Jesus never lied to Pharisees. Jesus never lied to sinners. Jesus never lied to [fill in the blanks]. You get the idea. This is nice moral theology.

Mary the Anonymous