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Wednesday, August 26, 2015

One More Big Lie from Cecile Richards of Planned Parenthood!

Besides, now that we have Obamacare everyone is covered -- right?


Anonymous said...

What if pp were sent to jail and made to listen to an endless loop of babis crying? Then they wouldn't be around to continue to peddle parts which are more lucrative than the federal funding anyway. Defunding Mengele sounds tone deaf. Abolish abortion, period.

Mary Ann Kreitzer said...

I agree. I've spent my entire adult life trying to end abortion. Some demons are only driven out by prayer and fasting and I guess we aren't praying hard enough or fasting enough to drive out that legion of demons.

KateNva said...

I just wonder if re-directing PP's funding to other health centers, will be an avenue for a PP takeover of many, if not all, of those centers thereby spreading. I know I'm being pessimistic, but I wouldn't put anything past the evil one.