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Friday, August 28, 2015

Please, Archbishop Chaput, Don't Kill the Messengers

What's more "destructive?" Filling the Organization for the World Meeting of Families with pro-aborts...or exposing the scandal.

It was demoralizing to read this article.
Archbishop Chaput does so many good things, it's sad to see that he's allowed the organization of the World Meeting of Families to be deluged with enemies of the family. But what I found even more disheartening was his attack on the messengers. Why were "top fundraisers" for pro-abort Democrats and enablers of the Planned Parenthood monster given leadership positions for the meeting? That's quite an honor! Was it because of their positions and their importance? 

I've seen that before. When our sons were attending Bishop Ireton in Alexandria, the school gave an award and a large check to the local homeless shelter. They invited the Democrat mayor of Alexandria, Jim Moran, a notorious Catholic (in name) pro-abort, to accept the check. Only one thing, it was a private shelter and had nothing to do with the local government. I confronted the principal because I knew it was all about getting publicity for the school. Some friends and I ended up outside the school handing out letters to parents as they arrived. Moran came late to Mass entering with an entourage that included several members of the school administration. He sat right in front of us on the bleachers chatting, went up to receive sacrilegious Communion, and accepted the check from the principal at the little ceremony after Mass. He then turned and gave it to the shelter administrator. It was not a sterling moment for the school. Every time I saw the principle after that he would not make eye contact with me. To this day, I pray for him.

A priest friend once said to me, "If you can't stop a scandal, the next best thing is to shine light on it." That's what Michael Voris and Michael Hichborn are doing. It is a service to the Church. 

Do bishops and priests and other Catholic leaders forget the Lord's admonition not to honor the rich and powerful? Do they really forget the instruction to become like little children? How can the World Meeting for Families be blessed when those putting it together immerse themselves in the blood of the innocent?

What I found particularly offensive about Archbishop Chaput's statement condemning Church Militant TV and the Lepanto Institute was this:
 "Neither the World Meeting of Families-Philadelphia 2015 nor any of its leadership supports Planned Parenthood."
Is this one of those statements that revolves around your definition of the word "leadership?" Is the president of the meeting not part of the "leadership" team? Why does this remind me of Bill Clinton?

Even the secular press recognizes the heavy involvement of culture of death leaders in the meeting: 
The World Meeting of Families leadership roster is packed full of members of the Philadelphia Democratic establishment, which generally runs pro-choice. Mayor Michael Nutter and Gov. Tom Wolf are both listed as honorary co-chairs. Other notable politicos include Comcast vice president David Cohen – a top fundraiser for President Obama – who is listed as a co-chair of the organization's executive leadership cabinet, as is Comcast honcho Brian Roberts, who has given at least $76,000 to Democrats since 2006. (Philly Mag)
So Archbishop Chaput is either woefully ignorant about what's going on with the meeting his diocese is organizing or, I hate to say it, he was less than forthcoming about it. (Yes, that's my polite way of saying he lied.)

Keep praying for the World Meeting and the upcoming Ordinary Synod in Rome. By all indications, prayers, fasting, and penance are greatly needed. It appears that the high and mighty have forgotten the low and powerless.


Adrienne said...

He also had this to say about the Pope's visit:

Anonymous said...

Is the elephant in the room Pope Francis? It has to matter that the pope of communion for the re-married is coming to Philly and participating in family "celebrations" and festivities.

Chaput says of Lepanto and CMTV that they sow "division, confusion, and conflict within the Church." Sounds like a description of what Holy Father does, especially the confusion part.

In June, Chaput said all families were "welcome", but no lobbying. I wouldn't be surprised if slick signage is ready for photo ops: "All Families Welcome" "Hands Up, Don't Judge", “All Families Matter”. ( We'll see. But considering the narrative of last year’s synod, the WMF may turn out to be a way to hijack the definition of family, a way to introduce as pastoral, the easy way out of life’s miseries.

So shut up Lepanto and CMTV. You are not welcome. You are not irregular enough. You are unmerciful and not nice. You judge.

Holy Father is coming to celebrate. He lives inclusion. He does not judge. He wants an ecology of the family even though nobody knows what he is talking about. Perhaps by the time he says Mass, there will be long lines of the formerly excluded , hearing the altar call to come up and receive Communion.

newguy40 said...

I have to say that I am surprised at AB Chaput. Candidly, I didn't understand his last paragraph. I appeared to me out of context.

I have mixed feelings on M Voris. At times, he seems a little leery of taking on some areas of the Church but not others. OTH, I do read info from the Lepanto Inst as often as I can. I find their shedding light on info most Catholics don't see to be very helpful in seeing the backgrounds of politicians and Church leaders (for some, is their a difference?)

I hope they both keep at it.

"If you're not getting flak, you're not over the target." Anon

Judie Brown said...

Archbishop Chaput's defensive attitude is part of a problem that has been ongoing for at least ten years that I know about. I feel badly because he is such an eloquent shepherd, but does not accept facts that make him uncomfortable -- thus the problem. Thank you Mary Ann for a brilliant assessment. We must pray for the Archbishop. Judie Brown

Doc said...

"It is better that scandals arise than the truth be suppressed."
~Pope St Gregory the Great~