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Tuesday, August 18, 2015

One More Christian Baker Gets Burned by the Courts

Court rules...

His religious values form his conscience and he doesn't want to cooperate in a same-sex wedding. But bakers aren't allowed to have consciences except, no doubt, if it comes to making a cake with a confederate flag or with an image of a southern belle in a hoop skirt.

If anyone doubts that we live in an X-rated loony land these rulings illustrate it in spades. They also make it clear that big-time persecution is on the way. If homosexuals have a right to force a baker to make them a wedding cake, how much more do they have the right to force ministers to provide the wedding! "After all," say Adam and Steve, "We're Catholics and we have the right to be treated just like every other Catholic couple. It's a matter of civil rights. Fr. Orthodox is just showing his discrimination against us. It's time, like Hillary Clinton says, to force churches to change their views on abortion -- even more so on the rights of couples like us to celebrate our lust love before God."

Yup, all those backwards Christians must be forced into the new world order where sodomy is equal to marriage and abortion and contraception are sacraments. Human sacrifice, literal for the babies and figurative for bakers et al, are new world laws. Sieg Heil to the empire!

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Tommy R said...

Here is a way for Christian bakers to put up at least some resistance to the gay-marriage activists… Advertise this: “All proceeds from same-sex wedding cakes will be donated to ‘’ in your name.” If, for some reason, they still want to do business with you…then bake them their cake, donate the money, and list them as a heroic Courage sponsor. The happy couple gets their cake, the baker assuages his conscious, and people truly struggling with same sex attraction are helped…Everybody wins!