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Sunday, August 23, 2015

Courageous Rape Victim Chose Life for Her Baby; Her Baby Gave Her Life!

My husband and I provided a shelter home for a dozen unwed mothers over the years. Two were rape victims. One was attacked and injured in a brutal rape. She lost her baby. The other was the victim of a date rape. What the young woman in this video says rings so true because it echoes the stories of the two rape victims who lived with us. I used to wake one of them up from terrible nightmares and comfort her. She never had nightmares about the pregnancy -- only about the rape.

Abortion doesn't eliminate a rape or purge the horrifying memories. It simply does to the baby what the rapist did to her -- commits an act of violence against an innocent person. Which is why rape victims who have abortions receive a double whammy of trauma -- first from the rape itself and then from the technological rape of the abortion. Many of the aftereffects of abortion are the same as those from rape: low self esteem, depression, guilt, sleep disorders, anger, nightmares. drug and alcohol abuse to numb the pain, etc. So instead of abortion helping the woman, it doubles her trauma.


Love is the answer, love of the woman and love for her baby. God bless Lianna for sharing her story. May her witness save many women from making the supreme mistake of listening to those who say abortion will solve their "problem." Lianna's baby wasn't a "punishment" as Obama says, but a gift who saved her!

May Jesus Christ be praised!

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