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Tuesday, August 4, 2015

"Harvesting fetal body parts recalls the days of tribal 'medicine men' and human sacrifices"

Human sacrifices? You got it! "It's all just a matter of line items."

See more at "Abominable Evil": An African Perspective on Planned Parenthood. Here's just a bit from the article written by a woman from Nigeria:
I never imagined that in my 21st century "modern" era I will ever re-live my grandmother's 1920's stories of killing of newborn twin babies and primitive native "medicine men" (known in my Igbo language as dibia) who in order to "consult with the gods" would demand animal (and sometimes human) hearts, livers and lungs.
These were figments of a dark and hidden past of an African tribe and so never did I imagine that I will encounter them in this modern day and age.

But here I am living in Europe where abortion is raised and praised as a woman's right to choose.

And here I am listening to the horrific words rolling off the tongue of an American abortionist who casually talked about harvesting human hearts, livers and lungs from tender unborn babies.

Barbarism now parades in broad day light.

And in the light, it looms ugly and unsightly....

The question is, can a society that is shackled by the chains of political correctness dare to do what my "uneducated" ancestors have done in Africa? Can we subdue and bury the barbaric?
Can we even dare to draw a line in the sand to stop an organization which is a giant in its own rights?

The first thing to do is to defund Planned Parenthood in all their alter-egos.
Amen! Read the entire article and think of the "dark continent" as you see the medical staff picking through the remains of a little 20-week-old "twin." Barbaric is the right word. They've tried to dehumanize the little one as "just a fetus." But now as they sell baby body parts they identify lungs, heart, liver, intestines. Arms and legs are clearly visible in the dish. This is no "blob of tissue" that the liars always describe. This is a once well-formed baby ripped limb from limb or sucked through a tube like the remains of food vacuumed up off your kitchen floor. Planned Parenthood medical staff are witch doctors making their blood sacrifices to Baal. Pray for them! No one is beyond God's mercy.

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