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Monday, August 3, 2015

Our Fresh Air Girls Come Today

Ever hear of the Fresh Air Fund? It's a group that's operated for over 100 years sending children from New York City out into the country for a week or ten days to enjoy a totally different experience. We participated for the first time last year hosting two young girls who are returning today for another little vacation in the country. We pick them up this afternoon and look forward to the reunion and a week of fun activities. We're going to visit the farm where our milk comes from so the girls will have an opportunity to milk a cow, feed the chickens, and maybe help with the haying. We'll take them to our granddaughters' horseback riding lesson and hopefully they'll get a chance to groom a horse. Then we have an assortment of wonderful things to choose from: peach and berry picking, visiting the caverns, taking a hike in the George Washington National Forest, and, of course, letting them drive the tractor again. Should be a fun time. I hope you'll take a look at Fresh Air Fund and consider becoming a supporter. They're a group that deserves to continue for another 100 years!

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