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Thursday, August 20, 2015

Bobby Jindal is THE MAN! Planned Parenthood Protests and Here's His Response....

...To run continuous footage of CMP's videos showing graphic images of the PP atrocities on a massive outdoor theater screen. So, you want to support the PP holocaust, be prepared to see exactly what you are supporting. Groups like Planned Parenthood thrive on the complicity of the mainstream media to cover up their horrors. Well, Jindal's decision eliminated that little game. It reminds me of Eisenhower making the Germans who lived near the death camps view what their silence allowed. Like General Eisenhower, Jindal takes on the battle for the babies. God bless him!

If I lived in Louisianna, I'd have been there at the governor's mansion with my own graphic image of PP's little victims.

1 comment:

Mary's Child Mariann said...

Yes! Bobby Jindal is leading the CHARGE against the gates of hell! Let's pray for the conversion of all those souls who are about to witness TRUTH that they have closed their eyes to up until now.