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Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Who Is Minding the Store? It Sure Isn't the Catholic Bishops!

World Meeting of Families President Funded Planned Parenthood Director’s Political Campaign

How could a supporter and contributor to pro-abortion candidates, one a Planned Parenthood director, possibly be considered an appropriate president for the World Meeting of Families and a member of its board of directors? 

It is this kind of betrayal and coddling of the CINOs (Catholics in Name Only) that shocks and offends the faithful in the pews. And I do mean "the faithful." Not everyone warming a pew has a Catholic mind and heart.  Robert Ciaruffoli surely doesn't have them. If he had a heart for the most vulnerable member of the family, the little one waiting to be born, he could not possibly finance champions of their murder. If he had a mind for the faith he would give rational assent to Church teachings.

I considered going to the World Meeting of Families. More and more I'm glad I didn't waste the time or money. I'll continue praying for the event and for those who attend, but when a Judas is spearheading the event, (One presumes the "president" has some important role.) can one really expect God to bless it?

Let us pray a decade of the rosary, the Crucifixion, in reparation for this serious scandal. Thanks to the Lepanto Institute for exposing it.

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