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Thursday, August 20, 2015

Saturday is Protest Planned Parenthood Day. Join the Battle!

If you can't attend one of the 300 rallies against Planned Parenthood help arm the warriors by attending Mass and praying the rosary. To see if there is a rally near you, go here. This is the biggest demonstration against Planned Parenthood ever to take place in this country and has the potential to cut off the head of this Goliath despite its protection by the elite liberal establishment and the corrupt mainstream media. Pray and fight. Bring your rosary to the rally and pray continuously. The Blessed Mother has the power to crush the head of the serpent. The Lord loves to use humble instruments to undo and destroy the pride of the devil. Come in humility in imitation of the Lord's humble maidservant, Mary. And may God give the victory.

1 comment:

Unknown said...

Protest. Christians will support these rallies.The real issue is,will they force, have impact on the POTUS candidates especially the immoral Dem libs as well as Congress and Obama? IF not, then they must be educational for the uninformed, especially young people and feminists who are scammed by the lies of liberalism. And make no mistake; it is liberalism that has foisted this outrage on America.