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Thursday, August 13, 2015

What's Going on in the Catholic Church? Good Question!

The article linked below by Chris Manion goes far in explaining why so many have left the Church. When the guard at the gate blows a faint trumpet, who will respond? The City of God is under siege and those with the responsibility to protect the people have abandoned their posts.

What's Going on in the Catholic Church? or Why is Cardinal Dolan ranting again?

Manion points out that the Catholic Church gets over a billion dollars a year from the feds and then tells us something his dad use to tell his law students,  “if you take the first bribe, you may as well take the rest.”

Consider what's going on in the collapsing German Church which gets megabucks from the government and ask if the same thing, in a different way, is happening here in the U.S. A billion dollars (plus the tax exemption) can buy a lot of silence, don't you think?


Anonymous said...

The "nativist" rant once again showed Dolan's Whack-A-Mole style of engagement. The Grand Marshall broke his silence and popped out of his hole even more recently to make a statement about the Planned Parenthood videos (

Unfortunately, he took the Comments section of the blog back into the hole with him. So we get the message that he is not amused by the Comments. I expect he'll release them when the 800 hour news cycle that he operates under times out and we've all moved on to the next big Catholic issue.

Expect a round-the-clock pop up when Pope Francis visits NY. Get out your mallets folks, it will be Whack-A-Cardinal for the entire visit.

Mary the Anonymous

Anonymous said...

What a wonderful article!!! and how very sad and tragic that we - who in our sinfulness love the Church - have to express our great disappointment and challenge and fight her leaders instead of supporting them. With humble prayers I dread the events planned for the forthcoming visit of the Pope to Cuba and the USA, but must trust in the Holy Spirit to guide everyone involved.
thanks so much for continuously informing us of what is going in the Church since we would not be able to hear it from other means.
May you continue to be a great soldier for our beloved Church!