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Saturday, August 1, 2015

Uh...Why Again Are Taxpayers Forking Over $528 Million+ to Planned Parenthood Every Year?

I posted a question the other day about Planned Parenthood. Why, in view of Obamacare, are we giving this highly profitable "non-profit" any money at all? Planned Parenthood claims they serve those who wouldn't be getting health care without their wonderful service.

Well, that's one more lie!

In the interview I posted  earlier today with Abby Johnson, this pithy quote reveals the truth about the need to have Planned Parenthood in order for women to get health care. It just ain't true! Go to 13:10 on the video to hear it yourself:

Planned Parenthood does not provide any services in regard to women's health care that low income women cannot get from any other federally qualified health center, rural public health center, hospital system, or MEDICAID provider in their city. There is not one place where Planned Parenthood is located that there are not multiple other options for her to get health care.if she's low income. And, believe it or not, it's not always that inexpensive. Sometimes those women are having to pay anywhere from $50 to $170 to get an annual exam at Planned Parenthood. 
The next statement responding to a question about the cost of abortion reveals exactly how venal this baby-killing machine is. Abby first says an abortion costs around $400, then follows up saying:
This is really heinous, but this is true. Um---when a woman would come in and we would take her payment based on---um---her last cycle---so, okay, we would say, "You're last cycle...we think based on your last cycle you're 8 weeks and 5 days pregnant," right? Well, if we got them back to the room for their abortion and we did the ultrasound, and we found that they were actually, let's say, ten days (corrects herself) ten weeks and one day pregnant -- well, there's a price difference between eight weeks and ten weeks, a hundred dollar price difference. Somebody, usually the last person hired, would be tasked to go into the room while the woman is on the table and say, "Hey, Hon, you're a little bit further along than what we thought you were, so we're going to need to collect a hundred extra dollars before we can start your abortion procedure." And then we would be like, "Is it down in your purse? Do you want me to grab it for you? Or does your boyfriend have it out front? How do you want to take care of that?"
Soooo, isn't it past time to get these money-grubbing blood suckers off the federal payroll? They're nothing but a baby killing, human trafficking chop shop chain that exploits women behind a mask of compassion. They're about as compassionate as jackals or maybe hyenas since they're laughing at all their "clients" behind their backs.

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