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Tuesday, August 25, 2015

A Positive Result of Hurricane Katrina: School Choice and Privatization of Education

This video illustrates several important principles
1. Private enterprise is more effective than government one-size-fits-all at producing success. 
2. School choice works. It improves performance and offers greater opportunities and more success to students.  
3. The Catholic principle of subsidiarity works. The lowest level of responsibility and authority should take precedence over higher levels. In this case, parents suddenly had real impact in decisions about their children's education. They became the authority on selecting the best situation for their families.
The current system is not without critics including those frustrated with the difficulty of navigating the system.  But New Orleans' students are doing much better than before and a failing system is now graduating most students with many going on to college.

For more on the success in New Orleans:

School Choice Boosted Test Scores in New Orleans Post-Katrina, Study Finds

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