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Tuesday, June 14, 2016

A Simple and Beautiful Catholic Life

What was so wrong with this that today people hate it so much...the FAMILY..?!

As you listen to the Four Lads from 61 years ago sing Moments to Remember in 1955 LOOK at the video pictures of this beautiful CATHOLIC family. The Sacrament of Holy Matrimony, First Holy Communion, a new birthday bicycle, birth of children, Christmas, Catholic school uniforms, and a Catholic school play with a child dressed as St Therese of Lisieux, vacations, family gatherings, graduations, anniversaries, marriage of children, birth of grandchildren. 

Look at the love the older daughter has for her newborn sister, the love of the husband and wife and the constant love, love, love of a good solid Catholic family. Not to say that there were no problems, but their Catholic Faith and love seem to carry them through life. One of the last pictures shows two young people standing in front of a table with a Crucifix above it.

So where did this great Catholic family atmosphere go? Our songs today don't glorify the Family, but rather glorify sex and sodomy, hook ups, death and gore. 

As we contemplate that aspect of life (change for the worse), here's a great (free) website....the old fashioned JUKEBOX... to listen to favorites from the past in order to see how far our American society and culture have changed. Enjoy!


phil dunton said...

This is almost painful to view because it brings back memories of family life when I was growing up. It is downright depressing to compare it to dysfunctional family life in America today. Oh, how far we have fallen!

Brian said...

Thanks for the Jukebox link. I passed that one on to others. This is our kind of music. We'll get much use from that one.