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Friday, June 24, 2016

Hmm...and what should we make of this? More "gay" affirmation from Pope Francis.

A book of pro-gay homilies? Can't wait to use it!
Dutch priest jubilant after giving Pope Francis book of pro-gay homilies.

Here's what the article tells us about the priest, Fr. Jan van Kilsdank, S.J. who wrote the homilies which were compiled into a book by Fr. Pierre Valkering who presented it to the pope:
[Fr. van Kilsdank] became well-known on the gay night scene in Amsterdam and personally accompanied some 200 young AIDS sufferers to their deaths, with a great deal of warmth and pastoral care. There is nothing wrong with that; on the contrary. But Van Kilsdonk went a great deal beyond that, justifying their lifestyle and berating the Church for its lack of openness to their tendencies. 
He was even to sign a petition launched in 1987 by a Dutch gay rights group, COC, asking the Minister of Justice to decriminalize sexual contact by and with young people under 16, recalls Pascal Beukers of Katholiek Nieuwsblad. It was in 2004 that Van Kilsdonk told the gay support group Mannenwerk (“Men’s work”) that homosexuality is not “an abnormality or a disorder” but “a brainwave of God.”
And there's more from the article:
According to Dutch Vatican journalist Andrea Vreede, the fact that Valkering was allowed personally to present his compilation to Pope Francis is “remarkable.” “Every day, the Pope is overwhelmed by requests. It is he who decides to answer them or not. The presentation of this book was suggested to him, he thought about it and deliberately said ‘yes’,” she commented.
Oy vey! What can one say? A bad Jesuit's homilies justifying same-sex lust presented to a Jesuit pope busy telling the flock over and over that good is evil and evil is good. But to affirms this priest promoting homosexuality as a "brainwave of God" rather than the lust described in Sacred Scripture. It boggles the mind and distresses the heart!

It's all well and good to accompany a dying person on his final journey. That, indeed, is a work of mercy. But if that accompaniment means affirming a person in sin so he never repents, it's not only false mercy, but more probably leads the soul to eternal damnation through the sin of presumption. God have mercy on the priest who presented the book, the deceased priest who wrote the homilies, and on the pope for once more advancing confusion over truth. God help us!


Ray Schneider said...

Not entirely sure why giving the pope an unsound book makes the pope necessarily a supporter of the content of the book. If an atheist gave the pope a book defending atheism would that make the pope an atheist? Of course not. So this just seems a bit over the top.

This pope is constantly speaking out of both sides of his mouth which makes it hard to know what, if anything, he actually believes. But regardless, it is only our instantaneous media that makes this even relevant. We hear about it. It generates concerns. But most of these concerns are based on the popes rather casual conversation. If he starts affirming error in authoritative documents then that changes things appreciably. But so far I'm not at all sure he's done that.

Mary Ann Kreitzer said...

I might agree with you, Ray, if it weren't for all the other pro-homosexual events.

And if the reporter is correct and the pope had to agree to meet and accept the book, well, that says something too. He never seems to mind offering confusing situations that can easily be spun by the media and the gay lobby. Just like this pro-gay priest started spinning after the event.

This bit from the article illustrates what I mean: "Gay websites in the Netherlands gave prominence to the meeting, underscoring the way Pope Francis went out of his way to show his affection and interest for Fr. Valkering and his work." Once again, he creates a situation that allows a spin that creates confusion and ambiguity.

Mary Ann Kreitzer said...

And then there's the pope's close buddies. These things from Cardinal Marx who's considered a member of Francis' inner circle. God help us!:

Cardinal says Church should apologize to gays

And don't forget it was Pope Francis who ordered the rejected paragraph on homosexuality included in the final relatio of the Extraordinary Synod on the Family.