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Wednesday, June 1, 2016

Pope Francis Scolds the Clergy with "Work Harder!"

"Work harder, and no shouting!"
Will it never end with this pope constantly scolding and castigating others? Surely Francis is not thinking of orthodox priests who already work far too hard, so he must be talking about homosexual priests, right? Father Pedro Corce (pictured below) is a prime example of a priest not working hard enough – or a priest not working at all.  

I'd rather be here (Flamingo Theatre Bar)
than at St Rose of Lima saying 
Mass or hearing Confession
He did not hear Confessions in April and May since he was busy “hoarding his free time (and that of the Church) and being master of his days (and nights)”. He vacationed in Key West, saw nightclub acts, went to Everglades Safari Park for an airboat ride with the male prostitute church maintenance worker he hired, sunned on the beach with a “young companion”, and bought beauty products thereby being too busy to do his priestly duties. 

At St Rose of Lima there was “no open door, no priest, no deacon” and now no nuns since Fr Corce ousted them from the parish school, so someone might think of sending the 129 page Dossier to Pope Francis in case Archbishop Wenski does his usual nothing.

The pope working hard 
and not shouting
Meanwhile Pope Francis, ever the energetic one, was flying to Lesbos and bringing Muslims back, making questionable statements on the airplane, phoning up random strangers in the middle of the night to say hi, saying Mass, hearing Confessions, doing interviews and strolling across St Peter’s Square to make himself available for selfies with the faithful. Ever busy, busy, busy 24/7 - which leaves no time for deep thought.


Anonymous said...

I just have to say this.

Having many friends and acquaintances who worked for this Diocese and having worked as a nurse in a Parochial school and having had countless patients in LTC ,Assisted Living facilities and hospitals .....the clergy is far from being overworked whether orthodox or modernist. In fact, the vast majority I have dealt with in attempts to get them to visit Catholic patients who longed to go to Confession and participate in the Mass were pathetically lazy and frankly pampered. I do not exaggerate when I say I have sat with elderly Catholics of sound mind in facilities who have literally wept
that the only religious they have seen in years has been an occasional visit from yoga teaching nuns.
I can go back thirty years remembering a well staffed rectory where not one of the five priests in residence would walk across the parking lot to the church and sit for the EXHAUSTING 45 minutes in the church available for the slated Saturday night time slot to hear confessions. No, but you could see them in the rectory ALL watching television! God forbid you knock on the rectory door. The Housekeeper was on the spot to inform you ALL the priests were busy.
That's just one example! In another Diocese rectory employees complained they were given a typed out laminated instruction sheet with a list of excuses to give parishioners who called on the phone needing a priest.
Where were they? Either at the notorious hx hook up gymn or on vaca at either their beach house or in Mexico.
There is an assigned hospital chaplain priest in this Diocese. He frequently requests gushing elderly single women to dine out with him. He never picks up the check and complains about risking life and limb when visiting the demented wings of facilities. Afterall, "....those people can be violent and you can never turn your back on them." That would be my floor where I was Charge Nurse for 53 patients!

I hope he reads this because we now know why you always wanted parishioners in the Diocese who traveled to Rome to bring you back any relics of St Jean D'Arc!
Your own clerical confreres told us that you consider her the first Saint of cross dressers! Maybe someday when your overworked body lands you in a LTC home "Father"
St Joan will visit you with her nicely sharpened sword!

Apologies for venting here, but unless the priest works in a true Mission capacity in a rural impoverished setting, they are HARDLY overworked!
Pope Francis is right on this count!

newguy40 said...

This is another head scratchier to me.

He should come out to my diocese and take a peek at the parish priests. I'll especially mention the men's priestly and religious order where we go for the sacraments.
Several of the priests are in their 80's with 50+ years of ordained priesthood. These fella's are up acting as VP's every single day. This week we have, at the local shrine, we have first Thursday devotion, Friday Mass, adoration and benediction for the sacred heart, special first Sat mass for the Immaculate heart of mary. And, confession everyday before daily Mass. This is basically two priests one of whom is also the north american provincial for the men's religious order I mentioned. In fact, I am going to send an email to the provincial now telling him thanks. Golly! maybe the holy father is right, but I sure have not seen it out here in the left coast in my teeny tiny spot.

Susan Matthiesen said...

Well, of course priests also need vacations but one priest I know takes his vacation to walk the Camino in Spain, making it a highly spiritual occasion. He's walked the 500 miles, even to the sea...this will be his third year. When he's at his parish he's swamped constantly with his duties. I don't know how he does it.

Other priests have sat in the Confessional every Saturday hearing Confessions, or going to the hospital, or nursing homes in addition to Masses, weddings, funerals, Confirmations, Baptisms, First Holy Communions, Easter, Christmas, Feast Days and so on. Some have duties in the Chancery as well as at their parish. I really don't know how some of them do everything they have to do. Of course these are examples of dedicated orthodox priests committed to Christ Jesus.

The pope needs to be more cognizant of dedicated priests and not place all priests in the same category. It isn't as if he doesn't like movies himself. He said he likes Vlogs (video blogs) and just gave that award, whatever it was, to those movie stars (just what the Church needs...the pope giving awards to Hollywood's secular saints to promote peace).

Anonymous said...

Well Susan we have to be cognizant of the fact that we have a Pope formed in the Faith by Jesuits in Argentina.
Marxist soviet textbooks long ago replaced anything really Catholic in
the Jesuit run parochial schools of S America ( read 'The Jesuits' by Martin).
A former Jesuit who became a Byzantine Rite Catholic priest, who did not particularly care for Malachi Martin did tell me aside from that fact, that Martin was right on target with everything he stated in that book.
Liberation Theology had to in some way influence this present Pope's thinking.
Those Spanish "parochial school" textbooks came to S America via Cuba from Soviet Communist Russia. Castro even allowed military training for the poor Liberation revolutionaries of S America to be conducted on a Communist Cuban owned island designated for that purpose.
Aside from the above, the single most worrying sign I see , is this Pope's affiliation with the UN agendas of sustainability , which is inseparable from the Gorbachev atheistic communist political agenda of "Green Cross".

Even looking at his organization's name from a metaphysical point of view, says that earthly concerns are to replace the spiritual redemptive sacrifice of Our Lord's passion death and Resurrection.
Agenda 21, climate control, the Re Wilding Project and the USAID comprehensive sex
ed materials all come from the sustainable roots of Green Cross. Gorby was allowed to plug in his political agenda though cooperatives of American/Russian institutions of higher education. The Marxist communist plan is now all around us in our society and has infiltrated the Church. We see it's influence everywhere.
Most recent example is the child life vs guerilla life controversial zoo accident which has astounded many older folks by the sheer numbers of protesters enraged by the shooting of the animal to save the human child!