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Wednesday, June 8, 2016

NYC's Genders 21-31...and counting

St Peter points the way to Heaven...
Manhattan Island = Fantasy Island where people guided by Mayor Bill de Blasio live in a fantasy world offshore of reality – sometimes quite far offshore where the mind lives and operates far far away from God.

In his book, Reflections on Augustine’s Search for God, Father Donald X. Burt, O.S.A., explains that "the darkness of absence (the nothingness that comes from the denial of God and Truth) is a terrible event in anyone’s life but it is not as hazardous to our spiritual health as the darkness of presence, the darkness of a life lived by false light

"Such a condition is like living a life of fantasy in the comforting half-light of a movie theatre. The blazing light of reality in broad daylight is too much. We scream in agony, cover our eyes and rush back into the comforting darkness inside. Rejoicing in the dim light bathing our dull life, we wish for nothing further."

...while Mayor de Blasio points
 the way to that other place.
Error can never count as knowledge. Denial of “that which is” can only be described as “error”, not knowledge (Augustine, Soliloquies, 2.15.29). Fr Burt says, “Certainly that most perfect form of knowledge, wisdom, cannot rest on an erroneous idea of what the world is truly like. If I claim to ‘know’ that I am all-perfect, that indeed I am God [or transgender, or a man “married” to another man, or a woman “married” to another woman], I cannot be called wise. Indeed, I am insane.” We are made with a desire to find and face the truth, not live in a fantasy world or the spirit of the secular world with no God to guide us.

The false transgender movement sanctioned and set into law by the secular world of man is a dangerous path to follow for it leads, not to God, but to the coiling back inside of itself, thereby once again giving birth to the original sin of the disobedience of man and its catastrophic consequences.

Perhaps in time, the lie of transgenderism will die as people find and follow God and the Truth, leaving behind their world of mind boggling fantasies.

Gender # 21 - Trans
Gender # 22 - Agender
a man, obviously
Who's he trying to kid?

Gender # 23 - Third Sex
who knows, but I guess
that's his or her(their?)point
Gender # 24 - Gender Fluid
can change like a chameleon
Gender # 25 - Non-Binary Transgender
Gender # 26 - Androgyne
woman, obviously
Gender # 27 - Gender Gifted
I would be God's gift 
to men except I am one.
Gender # 28 - (another) Gender Bender
Gender # 8 was also a Gender Bender which was a man trying 
to look like a woman. This is a Gender Bender woman 
trying to look like a man.
Gender # 29 - Femme
Another Gender # 29 - Femme
Another Gender #29 - Femme
Gender # 30
Person of Transgender Experience
By now we know that when they look
like a man, they're really a woman...

Gender # 31 - Androgynous
..and vice versa.
A chart to help us memorize everything. Note that some
genders here are not on Mayor de Blasio's list.

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