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Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Medical Terrorism: Targeting the Vulnerable

The news is filled with articles and commentary on the terrible terrorist attack in Orlando where
dozens were murdered by an Islamic gunman. We all grieve for the senseless killings. But who is grieving for the deliberate killings that go on every day in hospitals and medical centers. Among the worst are those that masquerade as compassion. Here's one case going on right now where a little two-year-old has been targeted for death. If they can't get her for her organs they'll make their diagnosis of brain "death" become a reality. God help us with health providers like these.

Judge rules OK to stop ventilator for 10 minutes
"Mirranda Lawson is a two-year-old girl who choked on popcorn about one month ago (May 11). Within a few days the doctors and hospital were presenting to the parents that Mirranda was "brain dead." However, they could not confirm "brain death" without doing the crucial and lethal apnea test." Read more....

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