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Thursday, June 23, 2016

Supreme Court Tie Blocks Amnesty...

...which means the current policy stands -- for now.

The vote also illustrates what's at stake in the upcoming presidential election. I respect many of the people who say they will NEVER vote for Trump, but I strongly disagree with them. The next president will likely name several justices to the Supreme Court as well as dozens or even hundreds to the federal system.

Who will Hillary appoint? Judges who hate the constitution and legislate from the bench. Trump has said he will put judges like Scalia on the court. Can he be trusted? Questionable, but he is likely to make better choices than Hillary.

So, please, if you are a NEVER TRUMP voter, reconsider. God has used many flawed leaders in history to improve the lot of his people. In fact, often the most evil kings were selected from among the chosen people. Compare the Israelite, King Ahab, husband of Jezebel, who persecuted the prophet Elijah to the pagan king of Persia, Cyrus, who restored the Jews to Jerusalem after the Babylonian exile.

Is Trump a con man who will say anything to get elected and then continue the polices of folks like Obama and Clinton? Or does he really care about the common people in America who want our borders controlled and sensible immigration and jobs policies that stop undermining the labor market here and cause mass exodus of well-paid work to foreign nations?

The alternatives are obvious: 1) a known entity who hates America, believes in killing babies even after birth, puts politics over the welfare of the American people, takes millions of dollars from Islamic nations that hate us, etc. vs. 2) a man who is open to dialogue with pro-life leaders (He just met with them.), named a pro-lifer as his top domestic adviser, promises to protect our borders and is willing to call out Islam's hatred of the U.S. 

No, Donald Trump is not our savior. No politician is. But neither is Trump a demon as he's so often portrayed. He is not a Catholic. He does not have the blessing as we do of the fullness of the truth. That being said, one can hope that he is teachable. Hillary Clinton certainly is NOT!

I invite you, once again to join in praying the election prayer every day. God is our savior, but he uses men and women to do His work. The establishment Republicans have betrayed us right and left. Are they less greedy and selfish than Donald Trump? Many have been unfaithful to their spouses. Are they more sexually moral than Donald Trump? How many of them have paid for abortions or support Planned Parenthood?

If it comes down to Hillary vs. The Donald, I'll vote for Trump -- not as the lesser of two evils, but as the candidate who will do the least harm to our poor country. Jesus selected with full knowledge an apostle He KNEW would betray Him. Judas wasn't the lesser of evils, He was a servant of evil incarnate. Are we smarter than Jesus?

I'm praying and then I will do the best I can in the voting booth by voting for a man who says he will nominate conservatives to the Supreme Court. There are no perfect candidates and haven't been since the first presidential election in which I could vote. (1968: Hubert Humphrey vs. Richard Nixon) Every presidential election offers us two flawed candidates, including some so obviously corrupt they never should have been nominated. It's the same this year.

Yes, I could write in a third flawed candidate with no chance of winning or I can choose from among the two choices, one of whom WILL be president. Seems to me that Hillary is an obvious Judas. Trump at least offers the possibility of someone open to change. Pray and vote: that's all any of us can do. Next week while I'm on retreat I'll be asking the Lord to speak to me in the silence about his will in all things including our November election.

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Brian said...

I trust Divine Providence in this matter. The Supreme Court, no matter who sits there, be they ever so "conservative", will not rule justly unless they are guided by the hand of God. I sincerely doubt that any jurist selected by Donald Trump to our esteemed Court will rely on the guiding Hand of Providence for wisdom. I understand the fear of Hillary. I just don't share the optimism about Trump.

Compromise excludes the opportunity for miracles. Remember the stories of Gideon, Joshua, Moses, David vs, Saul. God works best when all hope, humanly speaking, is lost.

In the matter of my vote in November, I trust God. I hope wise men at the GOP Convention, inspired by Providence, will achieve strategic victory over the vile secular passions of Mr. Trump. And a miracle will give us a choice after Cleveland, that will not be such a mortal strain on my conscience; one that is pleasing to God.

In the end, only God's Kingdom matters; not this American Republic, founded on such tenuous, humanistic, Masonic principles and which is aging now so poorly in its moral decline. Donald Trump s not the answer. He may have policy prescriptions that align with some conservative principles, (though not others), but he is certainly not the solution to the spiritual condition that is killing the soul of America.

Brian said...

A brief private comment. I hope you don't take offense at my previous political commentary on Trunp. I certainly meant none to you, the author of this gentle blog. It meant much to me when you offered a rosary on behalf of my daughter-to-be. THAT is what I'm all about. Thank you again for your Christian charity on our family's behalf; and in regards to this blog, all of your readers.

I write for recreation and therapy, and I get carried away some time. Hope I didn't come across out of line.

Mary Ann Kreitzer said...

Don't worry about offending me by offering a thoughtful opinion, Brian. You were certainly NOT out of line. I appreciate your candor and respect your opinion. Trump would not have been my first choice either. I voted for Cruz in our state primary. I will continue to pray the election prayer every day that a candidate after God's own heart wins. But keep in mind that notorious abortionist Bernard Nathanson changed after committing tens of thousands of abortions. Notorious communist Bella Dodd changed as well and was welcomed into the Church by Fulton Sheen. No one is beyond God's reach. I think I will start sending my guardian angel to pray over Donald Trump with his.

By the way, I'm going on retreat next week and will also ask my guardian angel to keep track of everyone I'm praying for and to put that spiritual list on the altar at every Mass. Your family is certainly among those intentions.

Thank you for reading and being so kind as to call my blog "gentle."

Brian said...

Very much appreciated, for sure. You never know what good things happen in God's world when you commit to pray for it. God acts through His Faithful, large and small; rank and titles mean less than nothing to Him.

And yes, this is one of the more enjoyable, reasonable (gentle) blogs I read.

Mary Ann Kreitzer said...

I offer a humble and heartfelt thank you.

Catechist Kev said...

"And yes, this is one of the more enjoyable, reasonable (gentle) blogs I read. "

Well said, Brian, I agree. :^)

Back to the topic:

Don't worry, folks. "The Wun" will issue one of his executive orders (number... what?, 2,492?) and allow anyone/everyone to come to the land of plenty where they have all of their bills paid by... you and me. >:^(

Sorry for the cynicism, Mary Ann.

Brian, I hope that was not too harsh. I think I am going to have to confess how much I loathe our El Presidente/dictator.

Lord have mercy on me... please.

Catechist Kev