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Saturday, June 25, 2016

Will You and I Smile Like this at the Hour of Our Death?

I sure hope I will. Death is the threshold of the Heavenly Jerusalem or the threshold of hell. When we walk through that door we will enter our final destination for all eternity. Where are you headed? Where am I? It's a good question to ask every night before you go to bed. If I die tonight, Lord, will I be with you or with the evil one?

Sr. Cecilia, a carmelite nun dies with big smile on her face

Will we smile like Sr. Cecilia or look like this:

This famous painting by Goya is called Saturn devouring his son. Whenever I look at it, I think of Planned Parenthood. There isn't much difference between this "god" decapitating his son with his teeth and the abortionists who use their surgical scissors and curettes to do the same thing. 

Pray for all those who will die this day, that they experience the grace of final repentance. Our enemy is not the sinner, but the slave master of hell who has convinced them to follow him with his lying, murdering tongue.

Let us dedicate ourselves to the truth and strive to draw others there as well. 

Save us, Lord Jesus. Blessed Jacinta, intercede for abortionists and their staff that they might repent and be saved. We especially ask the conversion today of Cecile Richards, head of Planned Parenthood.


Alan Holck said...

If you follow the link it says there was a bit of a translation error (orig. was in Spanish) -the photo was not from the moment of death, but she was near death. That said - the photos remind me of St Therese of Lisieux - same order & same habit so that makes sense.

I hope I have 1/100% of the faith when my time is up. But as St Pete said in John 6 - (paraphrase) speaking to Christ -'Who else should we follow? you are the way to eternal life'' I imagine Christ giving him a big pat on the back & then saying - 'Ok - we have some work to do. Let's get going'.

Mary Ann Kreitzer said...

Thanks for the clarification. I wonder how she looked immediately after death. Cancer involves so much suffering (I was with both my mom and dad when they died of cancer.) it's hard to imagine a smile like that.