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Monday, June 6, 2016

New York City's 31 Genders (so far)

Carmelyn P Malalis, Esq. (right),
NYC Commissioner of Human Rights,
and her spouse (left) Lule Demmissie
It’s a great blessing to live in small town America where for the most part people remain normal God-fearing Christians believing in faith that God made 2 genders only – man and woman – to form the FAMILY by creating children out of love.

"I am woman" wait.
I'm a Drag King
To live in large liberal-communist New York City would confuse my small town Catholic mentality by popping in other genders on a government-controlled gender list intended for all people to believe and follow. (For instance, drag queens and drag kings, listed as numbers 3 and 4, are equal to man and woman, listed as numbers 17 and 18...and we have to OBEY the false lie!)

The order from Mayor Bill de Blasio’s Human Rights Commission dictates that all NYC businesses must accommodate the 31 genders or risk a six-figure fine. What else should the masses expect when the Commissioner and Chair of the NYC Commission of Human Rights appointed by de Blasio is lesbian Carmelyn P Malalis, Esq. who lives in Brooklyn with her “spouse”, a woman named Lule Demmissie, and their two children. Lule Demmissie also is a high powered professional lesbian as Managing Director of Investment Products and Retirement for TD Ameritrade. 

Communists and socialists reject what they call gender discrimination of 2 genders only - man and woman - by redefining God’s creation of humanity to add dozens more genders. 
However 31 isn't enough! More genders could be included in the official documents since the NYC Commission of Human Rights leaves “plenty of room for adding more genders.”

The people pictured below for genders 1-10 of 31 represent each gender named on Mayor de Blasio’s list. Genders 11-31 will follow in subsequent emails.

When will normal people rise up against this evil tyranny?

Gender # 1 - Bi-Gender

Gender # 2 - Cross Dresser
Gender # 3 - Drag King

Gender # 4 - Drag Queen
Gender # 5 - Femme Queen

Gender # 6 - Female to Male

Gender # 7 - FTM


Gender # 8 - Gender Bender

Gender # 9 - Genderqueer

Gender # 10 - Male to Female
                                                  man            still a man 
Another Gender # 10 - Male to Female
He's still a man no matter what!
To be continued tomorrow with Genders 11-21...


Anonymous said...

When a society becomes SO overly saturated with placing "sex" as it's primary god to be adored and sought after, is it any wonder they become bored with it and have to keep upping the anti with something a little more thrilling, different and perverted?
Asmodeus and his ilk are running wild with their advertising ..........

Anonymous said...

Don't worry. All those steroids and opposite sex hormones will soon kill them. My worry is for the children who are being corrupted.