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Friday, June 3, 2016

On the Feast of the Sacred Heart Will You Open Your Heart and Your Pocketbook?

Israel with his parents before the asthma attack.
I received the email below from Dr. Paul Byrne today. Won't you please honor the Sacred Heart of Jesus on His feast day by giving a donation for this little boy's treatment. See yesterday's post and then go to Israel's GoFundMe page. Please help! The death peddlers are filled with zeal. Can't those of us who honor life be just as zealous in providing help and protection? Please send links to yesterday's post and this one to all your friends and ask them to pass it on. Let's raise that money for this precious little child! And for Mirranda too!
“Israel Stinson was transported by air ambulance to a hospital out of the United States of America. This was necessary because no doctor and no hospital in these United States would treat Israel. The medical and legal systems in the United States are designed to get organs from patients who do not demonstrate consciousness, brainstem reflexes and capable of taking a breath. They are then labeled “brain dead.” If, as in the case of Israel Stinson and his parents, permission to take organs is denied, then the plan is to remove life support. Israel’s parents protected Israel and requested the treating doctors and hospital to treat Israel. Israel was starved of protein, fat and vitamins for more than 6 weeks.

Israel has been treated with nutrition, blood transfusions, tracheostomy and gastrostomy at a hospital out of the country. He is ready to be discharged from the hospital. However, lack of finances is preventing this from happening. Funding for air transportation and hospital treatment and care was promised but has not occurred. A minimum of $125,000 is needed immediately just to pay for air transportation and payment to the hospital. Furthermore, a doctor and hospital in the United States is necessary. For this to occur a doctor and hospital must accept Israel as a patient. Thus far this has not happened. Please do everything you can to provide funds for Israel and his family and help find a doctor and hospital that will take Israel as a patient. If you have questions, please send them.

Thank you. Paul A. Byrne, M.D. 


Anonymous said...

Their go fund me indicated they had a target of $50,000 but even with that amount it is nowhere near the $125,000. How could these parents and their supporters be so irresponsible? Where did they think this funding was going to come from? They should have known better that money doesn't grow on trees. This is a horrible situation that they gave put themselves in.

Mary Ann Kreitzer said...

People put themselves into "horrible situations" to get a college degree which is often worthless when they get out into the real world. Not much market for feminist studies!

I think going into debt to save your baby's life is worth the risk. I'd do it.I keep trying to give on the GoFundMe site but get a "not ready" message. I'm looking for a snail mail contact.

Anonymous said...

Oh I agree with you that many spend an exorbitant amount of funds on useless degrees. What I'm wondering is didn't the family and their supporters properly vet the group that was going to pay for this? The hospital would have provided full disclosure with their payment terms. But maybe things work differently in the country where they are? They are stuck in a foreign country with little support it seems. It is just awful. I saw there were a few donations so maybe the go fund me is just having a technical issue?

Mary Ann Kreitzer said...

Dr. Paul Byrne said the money was promised and just hasn't come through so hopefully it will. In the meantime I'm still looking for an address.

Anonymous said...

I am willing and more than able to provide funds. I will not donate to the GoFundMe site because they take such a large percentage. If this child is really in need then you can reply and we can work something out but I will only donate directly to the hospital. Until such a time, I will remain anonymous.

In God's name, Amen.

Anonymous said...

Mary - not every woman does "feminist studies" as you put it. Some of us are engineers. Women are capable of more than you think.

Anonymous said...

so is this child going to be held financially hostage at this hospital in mexico until the hospital bill is paid and air transport arranged? what is being done to find someplace to take him? i'm amazed new jersey has denied him since they take brain dead patients. I would be more focused on paying for his hospital care so they continue providing treatment and worry about air transport if and when a place is found that will accept him. why can't dr. byrne's company pay for this??????

Unknown said...

Dr. Byrne does not believe in brain death, which even the Vatican accepts. That poor baby is dead, and what those parents are doing is ghoulish. Just like Jahi Mcmath's family. Have some dignity and allow those kids to rest in peace.

Unknown said...

There is no way to save Israel, he is not in a coma he is brain dead. It is so wrong to deceive these young grieving parents. This is something that money can't fix. Dr. Byrnes is behaving like an insane person, what he is doing is criminal and he should be stopped.

Unknown said...

There is no life to save. The court documents state clearly that he is dead.

Unknown said...

How would it be possible for Israel to return to the U.S.? He has a death certificate so his passport is invalid. If they tried to return him as human remains he would have to be embalmed or in a sealed casket.

Anonymous said...

Who was in charge of researching the financial arrangements before Israel was moved out of the US? He has a death certificate in California. What will happen when he does go back to the US? They could not find a hospital to accept him before; how has the situation changed since he left the US? What changes in his medical staus has occurred?

Ken Brown said...

Here is the alternative that Israel's parents could have chosen.

Otis, like Israel, suffered a fatal medical event, and like Otis, the medics went to extreme measures, and managed to restart his heart, and like Otis, it took too long, and his brain had died from oxygen starvation.

but unlike Israel, Otis' parents accepted God's will for Otis, and chose to allow their own tragedy to avert tragedy for three other people.

"Greater love hath no man but that he lay down his life for another."

Mary Ann Kreitzer said...

I am no longer surprised at the insanity passing for reason in our culture. A baby in the womb is not a baby just a blob of protoplasm and now a baby who is living and breathing (without a ventilator part of the time), whose body is able to heal itself, who is growing, whose blood is circulating and feeding every cell in his body is called "dead."

I'm not going to argue with anyone here who claims the child is dead because you are obviously the ones who are brain dead.

As for the Catholic Church teaching, it forbids killing one patient to save another. A vital, non-paired organ MUST be taken from a LIVING donor. A heart from a cadaver is useless. No matter how many people are helped, Ken, it is immoral to kill one person to save another. What do you think of China selling the organs of prisoners scheduled for death?

That our society is declaring patients dead who are alive (Jahi McMath began menstruating since she died. Since when can a cadaver go through puberty?) shows how morally corrupt we've become. And to those who want to attack Dr. Byrne, go somewhere else. I will not post anything that maligns and calls him names. I've seen his research and heard him speak. He's the kind of doctor I would want for myself if my life was in danger. I'm not particularly afraid to die, but I would prefer not be hastened into the afterlife because somebody thinks my life isn't worth living. And that, indeed is where we are going. Look up the T4 program in the Third Reich.

Anonymous said...

By "part of the time" you mean between ventilator breaths right? The kid is dead. completely. the brain stem pushed out trough the base of his skull.

But really, WHY do you want this particular kid "saved"? So the mother can neglect his medical needs *again* to re-kill him? Even if this was a treatable condition (it's not) the kid was very very sick before going to the hospital and would need the kind of care only responsible parents could provide.

What you pass for truth is so twisted by your religious delusions you don't even know which way is up anymore. You are basically lying and God hates that.

Anonymous said...

It would not make sense to donate anything until we know more. Where did this $125,000 number come from? Is this the hospital, the helicopter, what? What country is Israel in? I don't think they are going to get a lot of donations unless people know more about what is going on.

Mary Ann Kreitzer said...

Anon. 5:57. Wow! I know nothing but you know 1) that the child is dead (define), 2) that brain stem is "pushed out through the base of his skull, 3) that the mother neglected his medical needs and is an irresponsible parent.

I know Dr. Byrne who is involved and I'm sure participated in this child being transported outside the country. In fact I'm pretty sure I know who arranged it because we had a discussion about this at a conference last November in Virginia.

As for "why this particular kid" I would work to save any child being endangered by a medical culture of death that wants transplantable organs and if families won't cooperate want to make sure their self-fulfilling prophecy of death happens. I spent about 20 years sidewalk counseling at abortion mills to save any baby I could. We helped white moms, hispanic moms, Muslim moms, black moms. I didn't care what color or religion babies were, each one is a precious creation of God who deserves life. Israel isn't dead. If he were dead he would be cold, blue, and unable to breathe. A respirator only pushes air in, the person has to be alive to exhale the air. Was Christopher Reeves dead because he was on a ventilator? You people arguing for brain death apparently think somebody badly brain damaged isn't worth treatment. I happen to disagree. I have a severely brain damaged brother who suffered a stroke. He deserves treatment and respect no matter his condition.

Anonymous said...

Mary, you're a fool! I take T4, I need it for my under active thyroid. Brain dead bodies don't need T4, are you right in the head Mary? let's address Christopher Reeves, since I knew him through a friend who taught him how to fly, HE WASN'T BRAIN DEAD!! People who are brain dead are dead! NOT damaged as you put it. For peet sakes, go preach about something you are educated on!

Ken Brown said...

Mary Ann: Try Telling Jesus is is immoral for a person go give up his life for another.

there is no reliable source that has stated Israel is breathing without the ventilator AT ALL, and in fat, he failed three apnea tests, which consist of superoxygenating the blood, and then allowing the body to try to breathe without the ventilator - if it does not even try to breathe, the ventilator is reactivated before the oxygen level drops.

his circulatory system is not feeding his entire body. scans have shown his brain is getting no blood.

I see you are playing the "cadaver" card. there have been prior cases of people with no brain activity menstruating. particularly when they are pumped full of artificial hormones, as records show Jahi is.

as for byrne, he is a neonatologist, not a neurologist, and he is on record as a total brain death denier. he is not credible, nor is Shewmon. Nor is Machado, who it is most likely the doctor who is claiming that Israel is now alive, and eating normally. If Israel has truly come back to life, then there will be nobody more happy than we are. However, we will not take his mother's word for it. Not without some form of evidence to verify. we already have proof she lies. her claims are proven false by public records. you can check them for yourself on Pope's medical futility blog. you can also find the record of it being reported to CPS that his parents were not taking care of his medical needs, and that the hospital had filed a report that if they did not start, he would be too weak to survive a major attack.

Ken Brown said...

as for your response to Anon 5:57: you are wrong about the person having to be bead for the air to come back out. the air comes out from the elasticity of the lungs and the weight of the torso collapsing them. Anybody who has performed CPR knows this.

Christopher Reeve was not dead because he still had brain function, as evidenced by the fact he was still fully conscious and responsive, only paralyzed. your severely brain damaged brother is only brain damaged. brain dead is completely different. the respect a brain dead person deserves is to stop using them for a macabre medical experiment.

Mary Ann Kreitzer said...

Ken, Of course it's great to give up your life for another, but you certainly don't have the right to give up MY life or anyone else's for another.

As for the "tests" done on Israel. The apnea test makes brain damage worse. It essentially smothers the person for up to ten minutes making the brain swell. So the doctors at those hospitals made Israel's condition worse.

Your attack on Dr. Byrne's credibility is ridiculous. He developed the neo-natal ventilator.

Anonymous at 9:02, I was not talking about a drug named T4, but the T4 euthanasia program in Germany. So who's the fool?

There are many people diagnosed as brain dead who have recovered. Look up Zack Dunlap for one. The diagnosis is ambiguous and often misapplied, especially if the person has signed a donor card. The multi-billion dollar organ donor industry is a big motivator for doctors and hospitals to leap to the brain dead conclusion. I used to think all doctors were Albert Schweitzers who would never do anything against a patient's best interests. Roe v. Wade annihilated that naivete.

This thread is closed

DocBastard said...

Mary Ann -

There has never in human history been a case of properly diagnosed brain death where any recovery has happened. Not just meaningful recovery - any recovery. This is a biomedical fact and it is not debatable. Zack Dunlap and the other "recovery" stories were misdiagnosed.

The apnea test does not make patients worse. If the patient ever becomes hypoxic (low O2), the test is aborted. The CO2 level is not allowed to reach dangerous levels, and as soon as the ventilator is restarted any excess CO2 is very quickly expired.

Dr. Byrne's credibility is very much in question as he continually tells these mistruths that you and others have so quickly taken up and propagated.

I have very little doubt that you will not allow this comment through, but please understand that it is not my intention to argue, merely to educate and correct medical misinformation.

Mary Ann Kreitzer said...

If, as you say, "brain death" is so frequently "improperly diagnosed" then its useless as a parameter for medical decisions.

As for the apnea test, Dr. Byrne isn't the only medical expert calling it deadly. I think an anonymous poster calling himself "DocBastard" has a lot less credibility than the doctors quoted by name (including a neurologist) on numerous posts on my blog.

According to the head of neurology and neurosurgery at Federal University in Sao Paulo, Brazil, Dr. Cicero Coimbra, the apnea test, "cuts off oxygen to the brain, will bring about severe, irreversible brain damage in patients who, with proper care, would otherwise have had a good chance of survival." Who has more credibility -- Dr. Coimbra or "DocBastard?"

DocBastard said...

I never said it was improperly diagnosed frequently, so please do not put words in my mouth. There are, however, a handful of well-documented cases like Zach Dunlap which *have* been misdiagnosed. A few mistakes (which are admittedly hard to swallow) hardly invalidates several decades of a successful medical practice. And for clarification, while Dr. Byrne certainly has an opinion on brain death, he is not an expert on the subject.

I've seen Dr. Coimbra's work, and he is in a fringe minority and is mistaken. He has authored a total of -0- articles on anoxic brain injury and brain death. On the other hand, Dr. Calixto Machado has several dozen. Dr. Machado is a professor of neurology and neurosurgery, President of the Cuban Society of Neurophysiology, and President of the International Symposium on Brain Death and Disorders of Consciousness. He had this to say about the apnea test: "Nevertheless, when an appropriate oxygen-diffusion procedure is used, this technique is safe." He is the primary author of "Brain death diagnosis and apnea test safety" ( which was published in 2009, in which he calls the apnea test "a mandatory examination for determining brain death (BD), because it provides an essential sign of definitive loss of brainstem function".

You may question my credibility all you like, but attacking me based on my pseudonym is hardly fair. Regardless, you would hard pressed to question Dr. Machado's credibility and credentials.

Mary Ann Kreitzer said...

I take back the adjective "frequently." I freely admit that the doctors opposing the apnea test are in the minority. So are the doctors who aren't willing to kill babies in the womb or give lethal medications to patients or starve and dehydrate them to death or doctors who prescribe cancer-causing birth control to women. The old adage "follow the money" applies. There's lots of money in all these death-dealing activities. Hippocrites didn't develop the Hippocratic oath because all doctors were heroic defenders of life. It helped separate the doctors willing to harm and kill vs. the doctors who wouldn't. I note even your doc has a caveat. I'll stick with my medical directive that says no apnea test. Death comes to us all, but nobody should have the indignity of being considered an organ farm.

Mary Ann Kreitzer said...

I'm closing the thread again. This time for good.