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Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Earth to Pope Francis: "Woe to Those Who Call Good Evil and Evil Good."

Get this straight you stinky sheep: If you're married, you're
not really married;  but if you're living together you're married
and have all the graces of the sacrament you rejected. Got it?
"Woe to those who call evil good, and good evil, who change darkness into light, and light into darkness, who change bitter into sweet, and sweet into bitter!" (Isaiah 5:20)

Let's see if I've got this right. Pope Francis said the other day during a Q & A session that the "great part of our sacramental marriages are null.”  On the other hand, he declared himself "sure that cohabitating couples are in a true marriage having the grace of marriage.” sum up...most of those who marry in the Church aren't really married after all; but those who live together without benefit of marriage are the one's who are really married. Huh? All I can say, is that sure sounds like a modernist Jesuit -- one who is busy as a termite undermining the faith.

Here's what canon lawyer Ed Peters says about all this:
The pope’s most recent statements on marriage were not slips akin to getting the date of a meeting wrong, they are not hearsay shared by a prelate known for a flexible attitude toward accuracy or stories shared by relatives from Argentina, and they are not hints of his views left ambiguous by some obvious omission. Instead these latest assertions were calmly offered by the pope before a large and sympathetic audience, with expert advisors readily at hand, in an extended manner, all of which factors point, I think, in a consistent if disturbing direction.....
The bark of Peter in danger: are you bailing or drilling holes? 
...I see no way to avoid the conclusion that a crisis (in the Greek sense of that word) over marriage is unfolding in the Church, and it is a crisis that will, I suggest, come to a head over matrimonial discipline and law. If so, a key fact to keep in mind will be this: No sacrament owes so much of its theology to Church discipline as marriage owes to canon law.
Perusing the pages of, say, Jesuit Fr. George Joyce’s classic study of Christian Marriage (1933), one is repeatedly struck by how deeply indebted the development of Catholic doctrine on marriage is to the practical work of canon lawyers handling marriage matters. That the latest crisis over marriage depends so much on how canonical terms like “valid” or “null” are used, on how “marriage” and “Matrimony” are defined, or on what legally constitutes “objective grave sin” and “repentance”, should surprise no one. Catholic theology of marriage and Catholic canon law on marriage are deeply, deeply interwoven. This heavy presence of law in marriage matters even explains, I think, at least in part, why some proponents of “softening” Church discipline on marriage so often berate canon lawyers as Pharisees with stony hearts who care only about rules (oblivious to the irony that it was, after all, the Pharisees who tried to derail God’s plan for marriage.) By their defense of Church discipline on marriage canon lawyers have long been crucial in the defense of Church doctrine on marriage. And I hope we remain so.
Thank God for Ed Peters' clear explanation. (Read the complete article here.) Sometimes I think the pope is like a terrorist with a drill. He goes around below the waterline in the bark of Peter drilling holes to let in the polluted water of the world. Instead of the bark being a rescue boat to save people from drowning, it's becoming water-logged and hardly able to float, much less be a lifeboat. Meanwhile, the Captain orders the crew to show nature films on the sails and paint the deck in rainbow colors for the pro-abort, pro-homosexual celebrities dropping in for a photo-op.

Remember the little boy with his finger in the dike? Get your fingers on those rosaries and do whatever you can to stop up the leaks by speaking and sharing the truth! But don't expect much help from this bad pope.


Brian said...

When I first saw him on the loggia of St. Peter's I was filled with three strange, inappropriate emotions: first, anger and second, dread, Third, fear for my own soul. Why? I'd never hard of him before, not once. Nothing. I knew zero about the man who was now my Pope. But the moment I saw him announced and then appear I had a visceral reaction of anger. Strange! I thought. He asked the world to kneel with him in prayer. I walked out of the room. Strange, indeed. I tried to make sense of it. Could not. Then, within a few months, the interview in which he responded to a question on homosexuality with the famous, "who am I to judge?". And I have never been the same since. Now I proceeded with more confidence. I knew my spiritual intuition, my Guardian Angel perhaps, was spot-on correct in that matter at least. Sexual sin is killing billions of souls and sending them to eternal damnation, and .... Who am I to judge!?" And our Church has been in a downward spiral ever since that defining moment. Subsequent events, demanding moral choice, confirm my judgement again and again.

I used to think we were being punished with a bad Pope. I think it is worse than that. He was elected, relatively quickly, by the College of Cardinals. They wanted HIM, for some reason. Certainly THEY knew what he was about. Their silence now is deafening. THEY are fully complicit in everything. This is an Hierarchical rebellion against Magisterial Truth and Jesus Christ Himself, not jst the Pope. They are ALL without excuse. The Pope is the face and the engine that drives the will of our Church FATHERS; all of them. I have not heard of any who resist this path toward spiritual depravity. Therefore, Pope Francis represents their will. It is not just him. It is all of them. I say that, truly, with fear and trembling.

Either way, either they are wrong, or we are (I am), because I cannot follow where he or they lead. And on that stands my particular judgement. Fearful times. On behalf of my eternal soul and those of my family, I am fearful indeed.

susan said...

Brian...I could not agree more. I had nearly the same reaction on first seeing him; though my emotion wasn't anger, it was more a visceral terror. I began trembling uncontrollably, tears streaming down my face, and kept repeating, "this is bad...this is really really bad...oh God help us". I had never seen this man, and knew absolutely nothing about him. I was appalled by my reaction, but it was completely beyond my control or understanding. I came to understand VERY soon afterward, and I have since been AMAZED to discover how very many people had the same involuntary initial reaction.

He is a wolf of the worst kind, and you are right about the other shepherds....they are complicit. I can only make sense out of this unthinkable situation by positing that these are indeed end days...I mean REAL end days. God have mercy on us....MANY souls will be seduced and lost in these days. Stay faithful, no matter the cost.