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Tuesday, June 7, 2016

NYC's Genders 11-21

Et tu, Benedict Cumberbatch?!
God wrote male or female into our DNA genetic code like the Ten Commandments were written by His finger on Moses’ two tablets of stone – fixed, permanent and forever. Simply put, examined DNA will instantly reveal to any scientist that a particular human person is male or female. 

Yet, even though the sex of a child is fixed at the instant of conception through the paired XY (male) or XX (female) twenty third chromosomes, New York City’s mayor Bill de Blasio is furthering the Communist Party's agenda of gender equality with his official recognition of 31 genders of people, 29 (because man and woman are already known genders since the Creation) of which believe they are not what they are at all but only something made up in their disordered minds.

St. Francis de Sales said, “Do not desire not to be what you are", yet here we have 29 new genders (28 really because the list has Gender Bender twice) of humans thinking they are something he or she never can be, therefore never will be for all eternity.

Below are pictures of Genders 11-21. I couldn’t bear to include the normal genders of man and woman among the disordered genders as if they (man and woman) are to be considered as equal to disordered pride. Therefore Genders 17 and 18 are a married man and woman trans couple.

Gender # 11 - MTF
Gender # 12 - Non-OP
Gender # 13 - Hijra
Gender # 14 - Pangender
Gender # 15 - Transsexual
Gender #16 - Trans Person
Gender # 17 and Gender # 18 - Woman and Man
The man on the left became a woman and 
the woman on the right became a man. 
They are husband and wife,so he became 

her and she became him....or something.
Gender # 19 - Butch
Gender # 20 - Two-Spirit
Gender # 21 - Trans
Continued tomorrow with Genders 22-31 including Gender Benders for the second time...

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c matt said...

I was actually surprised they kept that seen in Zoolander 2 as it basically mocks the transgender thing. But maybe the bright lights of Hollywierd aren't smart enough to figure that out.