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Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Fr. Tom Laments the Pope's Penchant for Apology

I apologize for all that rigid doctrine you learned in seminary.
It is sad that Pope Francis seems to be apologizing to all sorts of heretics and perverts for the Church’s past “sins" of warning them of the dangers of sin and calling them to repentance. But sadly, it seems that no similar apology is to be given to the Eucharistic Christ for the many unrepented sins of sacrilege, blasphemy and indifference, which are compounded so often by those who insist that they have a “right” to receive Him in Holy Communion in a state of objectively grave sin.

I wonder whether the apologies will be expanded to those who “sincerely” and prophetically” wanted to help initiate children into the joys of sexual intimacy. How many ephebophiliacs have had their lives ruined by the “zero tolerance” of Church and society for their actions? How many Moslem men have been ridiculed for their bacha bazi intimacy with young boys? How many fornicators and adulterers have had their self-esteem undermined by guilt generated through the “archaic” authentic moral disciplines of the Church? Should we ask forgiveness from them as well?

A recent article in National Review by Mary Eberstadt, The First Church of Secularism and Its
Sexual Sacraments
(available on-line by Googling the title), sums up the true nature of these secularly transmitted diseases that have reached pandemic dimensions in our society (I hesitate to use the word “culture”). Sadly, even the lifestyles of many Catholics have shown more loyalty to the precepts of politically correct “tolerance” and “inclusivity” than for the splendor of truth proclaimed by the authentic Magisterium of the Church.

As so many renounce the Truth and Fidelity of God, Who is Christ, they will soon discover that the One True God they have renounced is also the God of Perfect Integrity and Order. So, having
renounced communion with His integrity and order and having likewise refused to offer His Mercy
the hospitality of sincere repentance, they have de facto been inviting into their lives and into our
world disorder, disaster, disease, destruction, despondency, depression and despair.

Our Blessed Mother warned us of all this one hundred years ago at Fatima. But in the subtle pride of
our theologies and technologies, most of us, in one way or another, have chosen to trivialize or ignore
her warnings. The consequences of this grave error are becoming increasingly and more traumatically
evident to us each day. But most do not care, since they naively assume that our government will always have the ability to build the bigger and better “safety nets” required to secure their comfort, convenience and complacency for all the years to come.

Pray for the grace of authentic repentance and perseverance in both fidelity and accountability to
the whole truth of God.

In Christ,

Fr. Tom Collins


TLM said...

Wonder WHO is going to apologize to Christians for the persecution plaguing them with lost jobs, financial ruin, ruined lives for standing up for their beliefs? Who's going to apologize to Catholics for the heretics that have misguided our children and poisoned their minds with the 'there is no real sin......nor hell' garbage. Telling them in our so called 'Catholic' schools that once you die nothing happens, your soul just kind of fades into nothingness, as was told to one of our kids in a 'Catholic' school? WHERE IS THE APOLOGY??? WHERE IS OUR APOLOGY???

TLM said...

And, if you think about it, WHERE is the apology from our so called BISHOPS for keeping silent in the face of all this scum oozing out from the Vatican?????

Brian said...

Fr. Collins, thank you for that brief note of clarity and sanity.

My long journey from Protestantism to the Catholc Faith was due to my deep longing for deliverance from the fatal hopelessness of my self-centered religion to a religion outside of myself; no longer dependent upon myself; existing as a shining perfect thing on its own merits that answered all questions and satisfied all desires with no reliance on my assent or participation. I found the perfect order of rule that springs from the source of Divine Monarchy, of which all depends and in some way reflects. Truth without limit.

The Catholic Faith, and God Almighty who exists eternally above that Faith, does not need me at all. But I certainly do need Her; and Him.

This statement of yours is what brought me across the river into the Church forever. THIS is the God I seek: ".... The God of Perfect Integrity and Order." And I might add, perfect Love. In fact, the source of all the various rivers of life we desire in the depths.