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Tuesday, June 7, 2016

Listen to Radio Maria today for Information on Brain Death

Zack Dunlap: declared brain dead, he fully recovered.
I received this message today from Radio Maria. I urge you to listen to the show. Educate yourself for the sake of yourself and your loved ones.

Dear Friends of Radio Maria and One More Soul,

On May 3rd, Dr Paul Byrne, MD, neonatologist and expert on "brain death" gave us an introductory course on the connection between a "brain death" diagnosis and the organ donation/transplant industry. Dr Paul is the founder of the Life Guardian Foundation ( where you will find information and resources to help save a life. Dr Paul wrote an excellent summary of the issue for Renew America---> byrne/120216 .

The following week (May 10) found Bernice Jones and Missy on "The Quest for a Culture of Life in America" describing how their children were declared brain dead and became fodder for the transplant industry.

Today (Tuesday June 7) Angela Clemente will describe the process she had to invent to save her mother's life, as well as a variety of experiences she has had as an advocate for other families that have fought the medical establishment to get proper treatment for a family member who was declared brain dead.

Angela is a forensic scientist [forensic scientists are tasked with the collection, preservation, and analysis of scientific evidence during the course of an investigation] with vast experience in law, medicine and criminal investigation serving law enforcement, the FBI and the state department. She uses her analysis and investigative skills to assist families being bullied by the medical community. She is the perfect person to ask these questions:
Sam Schmid: massive brain injuries, declared brain dead,
2 months in a coma, 2 years later Sam is fully recovered. 
  • What are typical situations that lead to a "brain death diagnosis"? 
  • Whereas, a few years ago it was not uncommon for someone to remain in ICU on a ventilator for several months, today hospitals may hasten to remove ordinary life sustaining care like water, food and oxygen in a few days. Why is that? 
  • What is "brain death" (bd)? Does a determination of bd depend on the sophistication of the equipment being used and the training/experience of the technician? Are their standards/protocols/certification??? 
  • Following a serious accident, a call goes to 911 and EMTs soon arrive. Could the care administered by EMTs be compromised by the transplant industry? What should one look for? 
  • How might one's care in ER and ICU be determined to benefit the Hospital rather than the patient? 
  • What is the typical process that takes place when a patient is considered a prime source for vital organs? 
  • When in this process must a family member be prepared to intervene? How? 
  • Why is it difficult to remove a family member patient from a hospital that refuses to treat? 
  • In addition to yourself and Dr Paul Byrne, who else (individuals and organizations) can be called for assistance in preserving the life of a friend? 
Please join me on for another superb program on "brain death diagnosis" and its hazards. 

May God bless you and those you love.

Read Sam Schmid's story, another brain dead "miracle." Nonsense! These aren't miracles. Brain "death" is an artificial construct. And visit this site for more facts on organ donation and the false designation of brain death.

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Ken Brown said...

I read Sam Schmid's story - he was never even declared brain dead. Nor was he slated for donation. he was, instead, being monitored for signs of improvement after surgery.