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Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Anonymous, Nasty Spammers Unwelcome!

Lizzie is so polite to Mr. Darcy he never realizes her dislike
for him, proposes to her later, and is shocked by her refusal.
I've reached my limit on name-calling trolls hiding behind rocks and spewing their venom. So I've disabled anonymous comments. If you are a civil commenter and have been posting anonymously, join the blog to continue posting.

I also will not post any comments attacking Dr. Byrne. His career has been nothing but service to the sick and suffering. So if you want to attack a man I consider a living saint who could be enjoying a soft retirement, but instead fights for the helpless, go start your own blog.

We live in an age of incivility, crudeness, and just plain sneering nastiness. I recommend all you name-calling orcs do a marathon watching Jane Austen movies. Maybe you can learn something about how to engage with those you dislike or whose ideas you can't tolerate. Suck it up and remember that courtesy and good manners are the grease that make the gears of society run smoothly -- even on the internet. And, as Hilaire Belloc wrote, "The grace of God is in courtesy."


umblepie said...

Well said Mary, and well done. I'm with you all the way. Thanks for your excellent and posts.

Ken Brown said...

correct me if I'm wrong, but isn't the criteria for sainthood in the Catholic church that you must PERFORM verifiable miracles instead of just promising them?

I'm sure Byrne has done wonderful things inside his field as a neonatologist. but he is not a neurologist, and I am reminded of another doctor who tried to return the dead to life, without sufficient understanding of the ramifications.

The fact of the matter is that when God has claimed a child; the one who is refusing to let that child go is the one who is attempting to defy God. we have the technology to have a heart beating in a petri dish. we don't have the technology to return the soul to the body.

Mary Ann Kreitzer said...

The miracles that confirm sainthood happen AFTER the person has died, so we'll have to wait for the confirmation on Dr. Byrne until later.

But you apparently think you are God Himself since you know when the soul leaves the body, something theologians can't tell us. But somehow I doubt that a mother declared "brain dead" who gives birth after months on life support is just a dead, soulless body. Brain death is a fraud to feed the organ procurement industry. The ones who should let go are those whose major organs are dying rather than cannibalizing those who aren't dead yet and treating them like no more than body farms to be harvested.

Mary Ann Kreitzer said...

I'm not posting your latest screed attacking Dr. Byrne and please go troll someone else's blog because I'm not posting any more of your comments anywhere on my blog. You obviously can't tell the difference between a dead body and a person with respiration and circulation who also happens to have serious brain damage.

People who continue to live even with technological help are not dead. If they were, their bodies would be rotting. Technology can't keep a cadaver alive. Your logic is a deadly one that will ultimately allow all "useless eaters" who don't meet your idea of quality of life to be eliminated. Go defend it somewhere else.