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Sunday, June 12, 2016

Gay Orlando

Omar Mateen, mass murderer 
Once again the "religion of peace" proves that that statement is a lie.  When will the West ever ever wake up?  Omar Mateen, a Muslim, orchestrated the largest mass murder in US history just hours ago at Orlando's gay nightclub Pulse when he opened fire killing 50 people inside the club and injuring more. Read here.

Photos of the inside of the club (from the internet before the shooting) could not be posted here on Les Femmes in good conscience since most of them on Google images were pictures of naked men. 

Pulse gay nightclub is just a few blocks south of where I went to elementary school as a child when Orlando was a sleepy Florida town that no one had ever heard of before. (Orlando? Where's that?) Then came Disney, and everything changed, bringing with it murder, crime and an enormous gay culture. Disney hosts the infamous Disney Gay Days and across the area are various gay functions and parties for Bears, transvestites, femmes, lesbians, even a Leather Fetish Expo and a Mr. Leather Gay Days...a sort of "you name it, they have it" list of perverse gatherings, activities and parties, parties, parties non stop all year.

Key West's permanent cross walks
With even their majestic palm trees decorated in rainbow crepe paper, the infamous Parliament House is situated a mile from St James Cathedral, and the Cathedral itself is two blocks from Lake Eola where Orlando's gay parade is held. On the opposite side of Lake Eola is the gay neighborhood of Thornton Park, just a few blocks up from where our family lived. My father worked first in downtown Orlando which now is filled with gay hotspots, then he worked in old Colonialtown, which again is another gay area today. There is a gay Chamber of Commerce, gay restaurants, gay bars, gay plays, gay porn movies - an entire gay industry in Orlando, as well as Miami, and especially Key West where permanent rainbow crosswalks were installed.
Jerusalem Pride Parade

Of course, I realize this is no different that that which has happened to San Francisco, San Diego, Philadelphia, New York City, Chicago and so on all over the world, even the Holy City of JERUSALEM! How did we normal people ever let this happen? How and WHY did we let perversity take over normalcy? And why are people still not willing to admit that Islam is the religion of the Lord of the World who reigns and will continue to reign as long as normal people let him. WAKE UP!


Mary Ann Kreitzer said...

My first thought when I heard about this today was, "How many of the dead were in the state of mortal sin?" We need to pray that in those last terrifying moments, many repented. It is a good thing to reflect on the four last things: death, judgment, heaven, or hell. None of us knows the day or the hour. I'm sure none of the dead thought when they waked up that it was their last day on earth.

Most Sacred Heart of Jesus, have mercy on them. As a mother and grandmother, I pray that many had the gift of final repentance. Lord Jesus, save souls!

Mary's Child Mariann said...

Amen. Thank you for heart-breaking for those who have watched our parents and grandparents give their lives for their families and their country to watch welcoming in decadence. Yes, prayers for their souls, but also I pray for an awakening by all to desire truth, change their hearts of stone, and care for these who are lost. God bless you and your entire family!

Dymphna said...

"How did we normal people ever let this happen? How and WHY did we let perversity take over normalcy?" I think it comes down to two things: Fear of being socially ostracized and being fellow travelers. By ignoring this sin normal people were able to soft pedal their own sexual sins.

Anonymous said...

They were people. They were horribly killed. The first thing you should think when you heard of it is "how horrible" not "ew but they were gay".

Mary Ann Kreitzer said...

No, Anonymous, the first thing we should think about is, "Please, God, have mercy on them." All sin is "ew," but the sin of Sodom and Gomorrah is one of the four that "cries out to heaven for vengeance" along with willful murder (abortion qualifies), oppressing the poor, and defrauding the worker of a just wage.

Any act of murder is horrible, but when those being murdered are in the midst of an orgy, what is even more horrible is the strong likelihood that their next stop is hell. I hope you aren't just thinking "how horrible" but are praying and doing penance for them. As the Blessed Mother told the little children at Fatima, most souls go to hell for sins of the flesh and because they have no one to pray for them. Most Sacred Heart of Jesus, have mercy on the dead and convert the survivors.

Bagz more said...

What a wonderfully Catholic response. Please add me to your prayers Mary Ann.

Susan Matthiesen said...

Anonymous, actually my first thought was "how horrible". Omar Mateen did not give them time to live out their lives...a time in which they might have repented of their lifestyle, returned to God's good graces and live out their days in chastity and holiness. That was my first thought, so try not to be so judgemental of others, OK?

Elisa said...

I came across these two blog posts featured on earlier today (6/13/16):

It's horrible about what happened!

Richard R. said...

Susan, what a laugh, YOU accusing anyone of being judgemental.

Mary Ann Kreitzer said...

I'm about to pray the rosary with my husband, Bagz, and we will offer it specifically for you.

Richard, our intellect is called the seat of judgment. We are called to use it and make judgments, both moral and prudential, about the world around us. Susan is judging behavior; Anonymous judged Susan's state of mind and heart. We are called to do the first; we are forbidden to do the second.

Anonymous said...

I have done a search for the Pulse Club in Orlando and found no evidence of nudity or orgies taking place at the club. This makes sense because night clubs, gay or straight, are usually not havens of nudity and sex orgies. Are you assuming that gay men meeting at a club must be having an orgy? There are head shots of victims posted all over the web. You could post those. Why don't you? Several victims were females. Were women there to participate in an orgy with gay men??? Do you even know any gay people? I suspect that you do not. I suspect that your incense-filled world is rather small and confined to engaging with other strict dogmatic Catholics like yourself.

There really isn't much difference between rigid, strict and judgmental Christians and rigid, strict judgmental Muslims. The problem isn't "radical" Muslims; it's religious zealots who have no love or sense of empathy for others unless they subscribe to a set of extremely rigid and unbending religious dogma. Pastor Steven Anderson's comments are not much different than yours; he stated that after the massacre there are 50 less pedophiles and perverts in the world. Would Jesus be be referring to gay victims of a horrible massacre as "ew" the way that you did? And how do you know that their next stop is "hell"? Is this what you would say to their families and friends? Are you the final judge? How do you think that you will be judged? Are you God?

Mary Ann Kreitzer said...

You didn't read the comments very well, Anonymous. I wasn't the one who said "ew." It was an Anonymous commenter whom I was quoting. And the next stop for all unrepentant sinners is hell. My reaction to anyone who is living a sinful lifestyle is to pray for them because the Bible is clear that murderers, adulterers, fornicators, sodomites, etc. will not enter the kingdom of heaven. That's not my judgment; it's God's. I certainly don't judge the final destination of anyone killed in the shooting. I pray they received the grace to repent if they were living an active homosexual lifestyle.

As for a gay club being no different than any other "nightclub and not having nudity," there are plenty of clubs advertising just the opposite. Here are a couple of examples: A "clothing optional" gay bar in Key West. ROSCOE'S in Chicago "the place to find the barrel-chested white boy you've always dreamed of corrupting." Another club ad promoted their place for "dancing and debauchery." I'm not giving any links because I don't advertise for perversity.

As for Christians being the same as Muslims, what nonsense. Muslims kill gays for their behavior; Christians pray for them and urge them to find real happiness in God's love instead of a mock happiness in gay lust.

Susan Matthiesen said...

Anonymous, of course NOW after the massacre, all Google images are of that horror...but when I Googled "Pulse gay nightclub Orlando" as I was doing the post, I DID see pictures of men's naked bottoms...lots of them...which I assume were Pulse featured performers.

Also, I assume the females were lesbians, else why would they be at a gay you said, certainly not to have sex with gay men.

And yes, I do know gay people. Do you know any orthodox Catholics? I suspect that you do not. So to turn your own words back upon yourself...."I suspect that your self absorbed world is rather small and confined" to engaging with other strict dogmatic liberals like yourself. "There really isn't much difference between rigid, strict and judgmental" liberals and rigid strict and judgmental Muslims because the root of their disorder comes from the same source. Guess Who?

If you are gay then you've been to a gay parade, been in gay bars and other gay venues and therefore you very well KNOW that it's all about sex and nudity....and nudity and sex. I've been to the Parliament House. I've been to gay parades. Granted I was not there for nudity and sex, but rather to take photos of what goes on. But really, all anyone needs to do is Google any pride parade in the world to see the nudity...and sex...and perversity. Anyone who has eyes to see can look it up on the Internet, for crying out loud. Stop being so priggish. It's annoying.

Anonymous said...

Regarding Anonymous at June 13 at 9:18 p.m., and then there are those of us who have had homosexual molestations in our families and had to deal with that hellish situation. No, not all homosexuals and lesbians molest, but people, whether heterosexual or homosexual living in a sinful lifestyle, are more likely to do so. In my family no heterosexual molestation occurred but homosexual molestation did.

My half sister, long before she passed away, told me how she sent her son, who was about sixteen, down to visit her brother and his male lover. Her own brother, and possibly the male lover, raped him while he was there. My other half brother said there was evidence it was true. I learned about all this after the young man was of age, and so could do nothing about it but warn others.

The first thing I said to my sister when she told me was, "Why did you send your son down there when they were living together like that? I would not have sent a son of mine there."

She replied, "I trusted him."

Ron Barajas said...

Amen Marry Ann

Ken Brown said...

so what I am getting from this is that you are having a lot of cognitive dissonance over the fact it was a muslim who shot up a building full of homosexuals.

because if he'd shot up a catholic church you could be outraged about the heathen killing God's people, or if he'd been a christian, you could have vicariously shared his outrage over their hedonistic acts.

but instead you are stuck in limbo because you can't figure out who to hate.
and I am learning from your blogs that hating is very important to you.

Mary Ann Kreitzer said...

Oh Ken, you're just being silly. The cognitive dissonance is rampant among the gender/sex confused who think men are women and women are men and the anus is a sex organ, etc., etc. Christians don't have that problem because we live in the real world, i.e., a world where truth reigns and we can use our free will to love those who hate us.

I'm horrified at the murder of anyone, especially those immersed in deadly sin, because that ends the possibility of their repentance. I've been fighting abortion since 1972, but I'm horrified when an abortionist is murdered because his next stop may be hell. I'd rather see his conversion than to see him die in his sin.

This morning at Mass we prayed for all the victims of the shooting especially that those who died received the grace of final repentance in those last moments.

Christians want everybody to "meet merrily in heaven," but we're realistic enough to know that can only happen if sinners repent. God won't force His will on anybody. And so I've been offering my rosary for those killed and injured in the shooting and for the killer as well.

By the way, are you from Portland? I'm praying for you too. I go to adoration in 20 minutes and I'll be saying the Chaplet of Divine Mercy specifically for you, all the victims of the shooting, and the Muslim killer.

Ken Brown said...

Why would I be from portland? it sounds like you have decided for yourself who I am and where I am from without ever bothering to know me. which I'll grant, I am deliberately choosing not to tell, because it is not a thing the world needs to know.
it is enough that a young man, who reports say was conflicted, felt he had the authority to take lives from other people, whatever his justification for his actions. Our president has made his sixteenth speech in less than 8 years regarding mass murder; and I would much rather see him not have to make #17 than to try to recriminate over what has already been done. for a person to die before their time is bad, but for that death to be wasted when it could have prevented other deaths is also bad. for it to be used as a platform for railing against the victims is just noise. a crashing cymbal.

Anonymous said...

I don't think Ken is being silly, Mary Ann. You used most of your words about this tragic loss of human life to complain that people like those who were gunned down ruined your cozy neighborhood with their brightly colored decorations and cultural events.

If anything has ruined the neighborhood, it is intolerance. There is precious little difference between your message and that of the Phelps family. You attempt to sugar coat your language, but you are saying the same things.

Mary Ann Kreitzer said...

First of all, Anonymous. I didn't write the post. My colleague, Susan, did. And knowing what she's been through in Orlando, I sympathize with her.

Re Portland, Ken. I'm just curious, but your obvious reluctance to answer is a kind of answer. I was, after all, trying to get to know you. I'm very upfront about my identity. I'm an orthodox Catholic who goes to daily Mass and says the daily rosary. I'm a mother of five and grandmother of 25 (two still in the womb). I've been happily married for almost 47 years and I take the faith and what it teaches seriously. I've been fighting abortion since before Roe v. Wade and have been to jail four times. I fight abortion and euthanasia. That gives you a snapshot of who I am.

We're getting spammed by lots of Anonymous name-callers who are likely gay jammers. None of their comments will be posted. And, in fact, I'm closing this thread to any posts except those using real names. I realize people can make up names that sound real, but at least it makes things a little more honest.

Ken Brown said...

I am a private person, who prefers to do my part to improve the world in a direct one-on-one manner with minimal fanfare and attention drawn. I take truth and loving my fellow person seriously. I've also seen more death than the average person.

Rita Suzanne said...

I can sympathize too with all the rainbow everything. Here in Columbus there is a Pride Parade. I tried to obliquely explain to the children, who thankfully hadn't had it on their radar. They said "we thought it meant they were proud of Columbus." In Chicago we went into a Whole Foods in a very "colorful" (literally), part of town. I do not appreciate having to shield my children by blocking them at the library so they won't have to be visually assaulted with a close up on the cover of Time magazine of two men. Or having to lunge for the radio dial as it talks about two men on a float getting "married." I asked my 3 year old if she heard what it said and she said "they got Mary?" For her, two moms means me and the Blessed Mother. It is so hard to preserve their innocence in this debased culture. By some miracle, the first my oldest became aware of this was by reading the catechism, and she asked my husband what sodomy was. When I was growing up, I would not have witnessed same sex couples strolling down the street hand in hand. Call me what you will, but I simply don't appreciate this aspect of our "culture."

Richard R. said...

Rita, it's not the responsibility gay people to conduct their lives so that you don't have to see what you don't want to see. You are a member of a private club (the Catholic Church) which has a bunch of rules, but you have no right to expect non-members of the club to abide by those rules.

Mary Ann Kreitzer said...

Richard, What "gay" folks do in the privacy of their homes is up to them and their consciences. But they should be held to the same "rules" (laws) as the rest of us. That isn't the case, though. Public nudity, indecency, and obscenity (which are illegal) are overlooked and tolerated at "gay" events. So, as George Orwell said in Animal Farm, "Some pigs are more equal than others." "Gays" don't have to abide by the same rules (laws) the rest of us would be arrested for. Except for my concern for souls, I leave others alone, but where their deviant behavior affects me and my children and grandchildren I will definitely speak up and protest.

As for the Catholic Church, it's one purpose is to get as many people as possible to heaven. It is an act of charity to warn those who are tottering on the cliff.