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Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Multiple Vaccines Given at One Time are Dangerous...

...and even fatal. 
Excerpt from the article:
Half a million adverse events have been reported in association with vaccines in the Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System (VAERS), which is run by the FDA and the CDC.
That statistic is pretty shocking, but the fact that 5.4 percent of these reactions in children getting five or more vaccines concurrently were fatal is completely unforgivable. Now, medical research journalist Neil Z. Miller is warning parents that the practice of administering multiple vaccines in one visit is unsafe and can even be deadly.

Miller states that the CDC recommends that infants receive the polio, diphtheria, hepatitis B, rotavirus, pneumococcal, tetanus, Haemophilus influenza Type B and pertussis vaccines at 2, 4 and 6 months of age, despite the fact that such a combination has never been tested for safety in clinical trials....
Miller's findings were published in the Journal of American Physicians and Surgeons. He was also part of a 2012 study that compiled data from VAERS which revealed a positive correlation between the number of vaccine doses administered and the percentage of hospitalizations and deaths.
Do the research on vaccines and check out information on alternative vaccine schedules. If your child is among the 5.4% who dies as a result of vaccine overload, it won't comfort you much to know he had a 94.6% rate of surviving the assault on his immune system.  It's not just a case of yes or no on vaccines, but how to do vaccines in a safer way. Here is one alternative schedule from the autism society. Do the research. Your children are worth it.


Nancy Reyes said...

half a million adverse reactions? 5000 deaths? Over what time span?

cdc reports only 4100 children died in 2013,

and the major causes of death were injuries congenital abnormalities and homicide. Lung infections and sepsis(things that might be related to vaccines but probably not, since these are common in kids) caused 200 deaths that year.

And how many of these "deaths" were something like SIDS? No one knows the cause of SIDS (sudden infant death syndrome) but it was a lot more common in the good old I doubt SIDS deaths are not due to vaccines: The rate has gone way down since we stopped having kids sleep on their stomachs.

Check out what actually kills kids:

And the adverse reporting does not prove a cause/effect relationship... it only reports sickness and deaths that might or might not be associated with the vaccine.
Kids ordinarily get pneumonia/broncheolitis/ diarrhea etc.

If you get a shot every two months, and you have to report any deaths etc within six weeks of a vaccine, you see the problem.

And if the vaccines were the cause, why is the death rate going down?
You have to compare it to the rate in kids who don't get the vaccine.

and the reason for "bundling" many shots at the same time is that moms have to take off work and get the kid to the clinic. And the shots are combined in one shot because moms don't like the kid getting three different shots.

Personally I don't like giving shots to a sick kid, but the rules changed and said we have to do this or the kid might not get the shots at all.
True: I have had two of my patients develop whooping cough... one had congenital GEReflux that caused repeated lung lung infections and the other had asthma. Luckily they didn't die of the whooping cough.

Mary Ann Kreitzer said...

I appreciate your comment, but I think common sense would say giving a child 8 immunizations at one time is a problem, especially if, as the report says the interactions among the vaccines hasn't been studied.

Bundling may be more convenient, but many parents would select the inconvenience for the sake of safer administration. Shouldn't those parents have the right to choose?