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Thursday, June 2, 2016

The Gorilla in the Living Room: Modern Mengeles Advancing Brain Death and Organ Donation

King Kong, head of the organ procurement team
The story about the gorilla at the Cincinnati Zoo who aggressively dragged a toddler around his enclosure has inundated social media and the news for days. I can't say I'm surprised that many would have preferred letting the gorilla kill the child rather than allow the sharpshooters to kill the gorilla.

Why? Because there's a much bigger gorilla, King Kong in fact, killing countless helpless victims of all ages, and many of those who should protect the innocent victims are cheering for the gorilla. Two of his victims are toddlers like the little boy at the Cincinnati Zoo: Israel Stinson and Mirranda Lawson. 

Who is this King Kong in the living room? The medical professionals, ethics committees, etc. participating in the fraud of "brain death" in order to acquire organs for transplant or to hasten the deaths of those considered too useless to save. Often these patients are denied simple treatments: vitamins, nutrients, and minor surgeries to provide a feeding tube and easier ventilation.

Mirranda fights for her life against King Kong
Little Mirranda choked on a piece of popcorn May 11th and after only two weeks the docs want to take her off life support resulting in her death. They say she's brain dead and want to confirm it with an apnea test that does even more brain damage.

Little Israel Stinson was also diagnosed as brain dead. Fortunately, his parents were able to remove him from our death-dealing country to a hospital in the third world where he is being treated
appropriately and is being weaned off the ventilator. Think of that. We pride ourselves on being the country with the best medical care in the world and hospitals are killing patients to get their organs, while doctors in other countries are providing the real treatment patients need.

Little Israel escaped the gorilla and
is being treated in another country.
In fact, brain death is disputed with conflicting definitions. It was created out of thin air so hospitals could remove vital organs which are useless if the patient has truly died. Within minutes of real death, vital organs become unusable. With brain death, hospitals can take hearts, livers, etc. from living patients and they do -- without anesthesia! They do use a paralyzing drug, however, to keep the "dead" patients from jerking about when the incision is made upsetting the staff.

While the little toddler at the zoo was saved from the gorilla, there are few rescues for patients targeted by King Kong. Unless families fight, their loved ones are doomed to become victims of the gorilla. Advocate for your loved ones. NEVER sign an organ donor card. Never allow an apnea test which further damages a brain injured patient. Do the research. Watch the video below. Know who can help you. Insist on time and appropriate treatment for brain injured patients to recover. Never give up as long as your loved one has breath. Fight like everything depends on you and pray like everything depends on God.

Let's all get together and shoot the damn gorilla! This one knows exactly what he's doing.

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