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Saturday, June 18, 2016

When the State Kidnaps Babies, Follow the Money!

Teen Mom Rejects Abortion After Rape, Now Child Protective Services Has Taken Her Baby

Why? There was no evidence of abuse. The teenager and her twin brother are under the legal guardianship of their grandparents. The home was inspected and found to be a safe place. So what goes on here? 

Simple! Child Protective Services (CPS) or the Department of Human Resources (DHR) sees a vulnerable situation with dollar signs all over it. Most social workers have a liberal bias. Parents who are pro-life or home school or follow an alternate vaccination plan are immediately suspect in their eyes. In this case, they don't see a beautiful, brave teenager who chose life rather than abortion. Nope! They see a foolish young teen who is incompetent to care for a baby she should have aborted and for them it's an opportunity to fill the coffers of CPS. And, hey, maybe they can place a highly desired white baby in a same sex household. Dontcha know children are better off with homosexual parents than with their biological mothers and grandparents. 

I know a number of liberal social workers and I wouldn't trust them to make a decision about what my child ate for breakfast. Their biases are deep and systemic and even Kafkaesque. I also know a few conservative social workers whom I respect. But they are rare birds in a system filled with birds of prey. Even if those raptors mean well, their nature is to rip apart and destroy and that's what they do to many of their victims.

Remember the Pelletier case when Justina was removed from the care of her parents and her doctors by CPS? Boston Children's Hospital (BCH) used her as a guinea pig for their quack diagnosis of a rare psychiatric disorder. She went from ice skating competitions to being wheel chair bound with her hair falling out. It took 16 months for the Pelletiers to rescue their daughter from CPS and BCH abuse which included being denied regular visits from her parents and her priest and being placed in a lockdown mental facility for nine months. The parents are suing and I hope they win beaucoup bucks! And the horror stories are legion.  

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