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Monday, August 29, 2016

Tim Kaine's Pastor: An Ear-Tickler of the First Order

Catholics protest at Tim Kaine’s parish: If priest won’t ‘instruct parishioners’ on Church teaching, we will

I've blogged before about faux Catholics Tim Kaine and his parish, particularly the sickening way they fawn over him and his terrific tenor voice. This type of reaction to politicians who advocate murdering the innocent makes me gag.

The article described how Fr. Arsenault and the parish reacted to the protest at the parish:
“No parishioners talked to us … a few took pictures,” Egger said. “And when Fr. Arsenault was asked a question on his way past us to the rectory, he wouldn’t even look up at us.”
No surprise there. Liberals talk about "dialogue" but only when they can use it to advance their agenda. I've known a lot of politically correct liberal priests like Fr. Arsenault who do all they can to avoid the truth. As my mom used to say, "A guilty conscience needs no accuser."

A big thank-you to Maggie Egger and the other intrepid souls who went to St. Elizabeth's to speak the truth in charity. Tim Kaine is in serious jeopardy and any Catholic who supports him will have to respond to Christ's question on Judgment Day. "What did you do for the least of my little ones?"


Edison Frisbee said...

Excellent! Should happen every Sunday.....kudos to those folks!

Mary Ann Kreitzer said...

Check out the local TV report.

Elizabeth said...

I would be joining them every weekend if I lived nearby!!! Good Job Faithful Catholics!!!