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Friday, October 28, 2016

Blind Pro-Lifers in this Election: The Bible Tells Us Even the Elect Will be Deceived

Hillary Clinton is Obama on steroids!

"For there shall arise false Christs and false prophets, and shall show great signs and wonders, insomuch as to deceive (if possible) even the elect."   Matthew 24:24

I couldn't agree more with this blog post by my colleague and friend, Janet Baker, who writes at Restore-D.C. Catholicism. She pegs it when she describes the confused thinking of several pro-life activists who are busy doing grunt work for Hillary Clinton, one actively and one by omission. 

It is not surprising to see muddled thinking among the young and Janet's character B is a generation behind me so he likely got terrible formation outside his family, absorbing the culture's demand for political correctness. And so, he won't refute erroneous thinking because the thinker is "sincere." It would be useful to remember that there are two causes of serious sin. We can sin out of malice or out of ignorance. To sin out of ignorance is certainly less grievous, but the consequences in many cases are no less disastrous. To be "sincerely" wrong is no virtue. And, we are reminded by the spiritual works of mercy that it is charitable "to admonish the sinner." And, yes, voting for Hillary is seriously sinful.

The second person in the discussion, character A, should know better and it breaks my heart to see him potentially misleading others. I spent many years rescuing babies alongside him and respected his zeal. How he can come to the conclusion that more babies will survive under Hillary and her team baffles me. I've read his arguments. He disbelieves everything Trump says, but he believes that Hillary really wants to defend children. He never articulates exactly why he believes her except in esoteric statements surmising that she has a disconnect between recognizing unborn children as human as well as born ones. Of course, Hillary has no problem with the infanticide of children who survive abortion, but maybe there's a disconnect between newborn children, toddlers, and teenagers. How he would explain away Hillary's treatment of the 12-year-old rape victim she humiliated and essentially raped emotionally, I don't know. I suppose he would suggest that Hillary has changed, but he offers no such charitable possibility for Donald Trump.

Hillary Clinton isn't just monstrous herself; she will also carry on her coattails an assortment of the most corrupt men and women in politics today. She will stack the federal bureaucracy: education, health and human services, Justice, EPA, with people as evil as herself who will impose even more extreme policies on abortion, gender insanity, destruction of the family, common core educational abuse, job-killing and family-hammering tax policies, etc. She will stack the courts at all levels with judicial activist who legislate and entrench evils we can't even imagine, just as we couldn't imagine same sex marriage only 25 years ago. For a believing Catholic to support her is unthinkable. I could understand not voting for either Trump or Clinton, but to vote for this evil woman? For a Catholic, it's irrational.

Yes, as the Bible tells us, even the "elect," the followers of Christ, will be misled to the point they will endorse serious evils based on muddled and misguided thinking and enchantment with those who reflect the spirit of the age. And likely, in their pride, they will listen to no voices, but their own, not even when those voices reflect the teaching of Holy Mother Church. 

I mourn for my children and grandchildren and for theirs if they prevail. I suspect they would agree that Obama has been a disaster. So how can they fail to see that Hillary Clinton is Obama on steroids?


Restore-DC-Catholicism said...

Thanks for the kind words. I linked to your piece.

elpine flower said...

We all need to Pray more Rosaries !!!

Mary Ann Kreitzer said...

I agree completely -- more rosaries, more Masses, more Eucharistic adoration. God, please help your suffering people, especially the children!