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Monday, October 10, 2016

The Media's Locker Room "P" Talk

Melania understands her man.
The leftist elite media and their darling in a pants suit, Hillary, will do anything to detour Donald Trump’s campaign into a ditch. But so far all the dirt they have managed to dig up out of the past on Trump is an 11 year-old video of locker room mantalk. They pretend that they’re aghast at his use of the “P” word and talking about sex while married. Wow. I am shocked. The media fake prudes. ("P"s !?)
America had better not hear one movie star say a single word about Trump’s locker room talk after years of filth spewing out of Hollywood like lava running over the nation covering it with pornography, and Hollywood stars don’t merely talk about adultery, they DO it. Their movies and TV shows are filled with obscene smut, immorality, nude sex on the screen, homosexuality and transgenderism (Cher and also Warren Beatty are proud of their transgender daughters who now think they’re men, even though they certainly don't have man "P"s but still retain their original “P”s – the very ones referred to in today’s media blitz on Melania’s pink blouse with the “P” bow in support of her husband.)

           But that’s what hypocrites do. They shriek “Foul!” if an opponent does something such as a Republican woman using the P” word in reference to men’s genitals or a Republican man using the “P” word in reference to women’s genitals. The howling never ends, beating the topic into the ground, until behold…the very next morning the media does the same thing! But that’s OK. It’s the media. They’re entitled. This morning I turned on the computer and instantaneously this headline popped to the forefront: "Melania Trump wears 'pussy-bow' to second debate referring to Melania's Gucci’s fuchsia pussy-bow blouse.
So what’s all the Trump furor about? The “P” word? Man-talk about sex while married? (“Let he who has not sinned cast the first stone.”) This is all the Democrats could dig up on Trump? What, no murders? (Vince Foster) No indirect murders? (Benghazi) No sex in the Oval Office? (Monica Lewinsky) No bullying? (Hillary to Bill’s sexcapade gals) No drugging women to rape them like Bill Crosby?
Donald Trump must be pretty clean if man-talk is all they can dig up on him. At least he LIKES women! Not men. Or little boys, animals or dead people. He doesn’t stone women to death like Muslims or behead them if he’s mad at them for not cooking his breakfast perfectly. And as for all the squeamish GOP goody goodies – It’s NO WONDER Trump won the nomination!
King David wasn’t perfect. He committed adultery and murder but God still found him worthy to rule Israeli. Trump said he was sorry just like King David did, but apparently someone must be perfect to run for President – or perfect’s opposite – evil like Hillary.
The only perfect man I know of is Jesus Christ, and he was killed for being perfect.

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