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Monday, October 24, 2016

VA State Delegate Bob Marshall Makes the Case for Trump

Put that child down, you crude devil.
Send in a holy fireman to the rescue!
Bob Marshall is a pro-life Catholic, an astute politician, and a personal friend. He's fought for the little ones in the womb his entire life, even before he entered politics. I hope those Catholics who plan to sit out the election will change their minds for the sake of our future. We need firefighters not critics with molotov cocktails.

Delegate Bob Marshall: Conservatives and Christians - Please Don’t Elect Hillary!

This paragraph was particularly compelling:
I understand the reluctance of some conservatives to vote for Trump.  But in the practical world, would we impose a “purity” test on a fireman before he saves our home or a police officer before he saves a life?  NO!
Our country is on fire! It is being systematically destroyed by an atheistic liberalism that is imposing every diabolical idea in the imagination of man, stirred up by the deceiver and implemented by a corrupt woman who has made a career of killing babies, advancing gender insanity, and enriching herself. While people hyperventilate over Trump's crude talk, Hillary's immoral assault on a little 12-year-old raped by a client she knew was guilty is ignored. This is standing for women?

Here's a bit more from Bob's article:
The real question is:  Can our personal sensitivities allow us not to vote, thus enabling Hillary to become President, when we know she will force her radical homosexual and transgender agenda in our grade schools, remove any reference to our Creator in public life, erode religious freedom, weaken property rights, involve us in Middle Eastern wars, enact higher taxes, pay for more abortions, further destroy the moral and financial solvency of our nation, and diminish our liberty and freedom, including the right to defend ourselves with an Australian-like gun confiscation program?

Republicans who think sitting out this election to play catch-up later should think again. Progressives like Hillary want online voting and no voter ID.  Hillary’s path to amnesty and citizenship for those illegal immigrants already in the U.S. and those who will flow through open borders will pay the favor back with votes. 

This fact coupled with the WikiLeaks proof of Democrat incitement to violence, planned voter fraud and current voting irregularities could spell the end of Republican election victories for a very long time. 

How can our conscience tell us it is fine to do nothing to stop Hillary when her policies will further destabilize the world, probably start a war with Russia and Syria over her no-fly zone plan in Syria (which our Joint Chiefs of Staff General Dunford said would probably lead to war), further facilitate the spread of ISIS, and encourage massive refugee resettlement, including ISIS operatives, in our country?  

The Defense Department recently lifted its ban on women serving in combat.  How long will it take for Hillary to mandate that our wives, daughters and granddaughters register for the draft to fight civil wars in the Middle East?
So what's it going to be folks?  Will you help fight the fire or will you douse it with gasoline?

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Corinna Swetz said...

This is a real eye-opening article. Thanks for sharing.