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Monday, October 24, 2016

Guest Post: Queen Hillary to be Dethroned

Government of the queen, by
 the queen and for the queen!
By David Martin 

Against the spirit of liberty and democracy, Hillary Clinton seeks to be a little queen, who says, "I am, and there is none else besides me." (Isaiah 47:8) However, she is failing to realize that she is going up against someone who far exceeds her abilities, and who is far more beloved among the American people.

Americans should encourage themselves in knowing that their support for Donald Trump places them on the winning team. The facts speak for themselves. Trump has twice the amount of followers on Facebook as Hillary, with Trump having received 10,174,358 likes, compared to Hillary's 5,385,959 likes. Trump has 10.7 million followers on Twitter, compared to 6.1 million followers for Hillary. According to the Washington Examiner, 41 percent of Hillary's twitter followers are not even real people. Trump averages 30,000 viewers per live stream, while Clinton averages 500 viewers per live stream. On Reddit Trump has 197,696 subscribers, while Hillary has only 24,429 subscribers. We can understand now why Hillary has been paying people to support her online, as was revealed by the DNC's leaked emails from Wikileaks.

What it boils down to is that Hillary so far is the loser in this presidential race, which is why the liberal media has been so frantic in their attempts to detract Trump via slander and false witness—witnesses whom Hillary has paid to come forward with their lies. The media ploy right now is to establish the false premise that Trump is the loser by constantly dubbing him "poor sport" and "sore loser," so that if Hillary wins the election, sleepy Americans won't suspect that this actually came about through cheating. This election is highly rigged by these degenerates and ignoramuses who don't realize that true Americans are well on to their dastardly deeds, but this will soon turn on Hillary's head and escalate the landslide that she is already buried in. This landslide will include the mountain of lies that is about to avalanche on her. 

The fact is that Donald Trump through his skill, justice, and heroic defense of family values, is on the way to being elected America's next president, at witch time (after Halloween) Hillary will be unmasked, so that America will get a clearer glimpse of her furious rant wherewith she has attempted in her life to tear down this great nation which she so hates. Among the many blessings gained through a Trump victory will be a better ability for Americans to discern between Trump's zeal and determination and Hillary's shrieking tantrum against liberty.

Yea, this queen is run by the spirit of slavery, evidenced just by the manner in which she has attempted to surrender our nation to the global tyrants that seek to enslave her. The globalists had put great stock in their servant Hillary, but they may be in for a devastating surprise. If America plays its cards right and remembers its heritage as a great Christian nation, America will prevail against the globalists, and under Trump's direction she will sail on and restate her resolution to stand as a free and independent nation against the wishes of the global cabal. 

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