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Saturday, October 15, 2016

Remember Anita Hill! Democrats are Liars. Why Should We Believe Them?

Remember Anita Hill & the Democrats' strategy:
the politics of personal destruction using lies & innuendo!
Remember Anita Hill's attempt to pull the lever on Clarence Thomas' high tech lynching? Ted Kennedy was sure he could "bork" Thomas with lies and dirty dealing, but he failed when Thomas hit back hard.

As I watch all this crap coming out now about Trump's ostensible groping and the the faux horror from people like Michele Obama who claims it has "shaken me to the core" I'm convinced this is just the latest dirty dealing from a party built on lies and corruption.

Trump is certainly no choir boy, but I find some of these allegations hard, no impossible,
to believe. And the timing is just too perfect, just like the timing with that despicable liar Anita Hill. Are we really supposed to believe that these women's with connections to the Clinton Foundation or connections to Gloria Allred the pro-abortion attorney and supporter of Roe v. Wade who helped exploit Norma McGorvey (Jane Roe) before her conversion. Everything about these allegations stinks. Can anyone believe the Democrats with their history of lies and corruption?

I sure can't!

Trump sex allegations full of holes.

Trump's Butler and former wife debunk People reporter's allegation of abuse

Former Miss Teen USA disputes sex allegations against Trump

Trump accuser connected to Clinton Foundation

Casting Call for Anita Hill

1 comment:

Catechist Kev said...

Mary Ann,

You have no idea how I wish I could type what *really* is on my mind. ;^)

Let me say this: I am a registered democrat. Yet I have not voted for FDR and Truman party for.... oh, I don't know, the past 30+ years.

I will echo what Fr. Benedict Groeschel said many times when I went to hear him speak, and what he said on his "Sunday Night Live" show on EWTN:

"The democrats are evil and the republicans are stupid. I did not leave the democrat party, it left me."

I agree.

Catechist Kev